Releasing Current (Final) Grades

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Instructors may need to Release the Final Grade to allow students to see their current average grade. Unless the Final Grade is Released, students are unable to see their current average grade.

Video Tutorial - Release Final Grades


Step 1:

Inside the course, navigate to Progress in the navbar, select the drop-down arrow, then select Grades.


Progress, Grades


Step 2:

From the Enter Grades page, Current Grade column, select the drop-down arrow, then select Enter Grades.


Releasing - Enter Grades


Step 3:

To release grades for all users, from the Final Grades page:

  1. Select the drop-down arrow, then select Release All
  2. Select Save and Close


Releasing - All


Or, to release final grades for specific users:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the student’s name
  2. Select Release/Unrelease
  3. Select Save and Close


Releasing - Select release


Note. The checkmark in the Released column indicates that the final grade has been released and is visible to learners. 


Step 4:

After releasing the final grades, from the Enter Grades page, the grade released or not released icons will be displayed in the Current Grade column.


Releasing - Grade Icon


Note. The Current/Final Grade grades that are available in the system do not appear to students unless an instructor has chosen to release the final grades or has chosen to "Automatically release final gradebefore grades have been posted (refer to Step 4 in the Gradebook Setup instructions).