Faculty Fellows Program

Dear Saint Leo Faculty, 

The Division of Academic Affairs is excited to extend an invitation for applications for the second cohort of the Faculty Fellows Program. The Program, sponsored by Academic Affairs and administered by the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE), focuses on the ethical use of AI in teaching and learning, student-centered approaches, and Saint Leo’s Core Values. This program aims to enhance Faculty Fellows’ teaching methodologies and enrich the learning experience for our students. Faculty Fellows will explore ways to infuse AI into classroom settings to foster active engagement, critical thinking, and student-centered learning approaches across disciplines. The first cohort of this program began in January 2024 and will conclude in December 2024. The next cohort will begin in Fall of 2024 and continue throughout Spring of 2025. 

We encourage you to apply and embrace this opportunity to shape the future of higher education by leveraging AI responsibly, fostering active learning, and upholding Saint Leo’s Core Values. Your contributions will enhance your pedagogical practices and enrich the educational journey of our students. 

For any inquiries or further information, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Marcela van Olphen at marcela.vanolphen@saintleo.edu in the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence. 

Program Overview and Responsibilities 

The Faculty Fellows Program will emphasize integrating AI into academic disciplines while upholding ethical practices and aligning with Saint Leo’s Core Values. 

As a Faculty Fellow, you will engage in a variety of activities, including 

    • Actively participate in a two-semester program and attend meetings (two-hours twice a month or four-hours once a month based on teaching schedules).  
    • Be a member of a cohort of seven faculty from different disciplinary backgrounds participants. 
    • Participate in individual and group learning activities throughout the year to further develop knowledge and skills and to foster conversations about the relationship of AI, active learning, critical thinking, and value-based education. 
    • Identify areas in the curriculum, within the specific faculty discipline, where AI may play a role in advancing student learning and competitiveness when entering the workforce.  
    • Collaborate, provide feedback on teaching projects, and brainstorm with your peer FFs. 
    • Engage in being the discussion leader, reading and presenting articles related to the focus and purpose of this FFs Program.  
    • Serve as leaders among the faculty and university community in disseminating and implementing FFs learning experiences.  
    • Collaborate with other faculty members not part of the FFs cohort on values-based AI integration into current curricula. 
    • FFs will meet approximately four hours per month (August-December and January-May). 


Faculty Fellows Expected Deliverables: 

    • Identify one course within your discipline that you regularly teach. You will re-design this course to integrate AI, adhering to sound pedagogical principles grounded in active learning, critical thinking, and SLU Core Values.  
    • Form a Special Interest Group (SIG) focused on AI applications related to your discipline. This SIG can be for faculty, students, or a combination of both populations. You will pilot it during your first semester and conduct regular meetings on your second semester (four meetings total). Ideally, you, your colleagues, and students will continue the SIG beyond this program.  
    • Facilitate workshops or webinars for faculty and/or students on meaningful AI integration into the curriculum or preparing students for the workforce. At least two workshops or webinars are required (one for faculty at CTLE and one for advanced students in your program). 
    • Create at least two AI integrated classroom activities (template provided). These classroom activities will be archived in the Faculty Fellows “Curated List of AI Resources for Teaching and Learning Across the Disciplines”.  
    • Lead the group discussion at least twice during the year.  
    • Write a conference proposal/presentation or grant that fits within effective AI practices and ethical principles.  



The candidates will be full-time faculty members and agree to participate voluntarily. Priority will be given to faculty members who can impact at least one master syllabus, preferably a master syllabus for a course required in a major or a high-impact course. The Faculty Fellows must also be committed to strengthening their teaching skills while integrating AI. As members of a teaching institution, Faculty Fellows are expected to engage in pedagogies that are grounded in ethical principles, critical thinking, active learning and the SLU Core Values. Selection will be conducted by a Faculty Fellows Selection Committee appointed by Academic Affairs. Specifically, participants will evaluated based on the strength and soundness of the following criteria:

(1) rationale for applying,

(2) evidence of engagement in active learning strategies,

(3) AI integration plan,

(4) potential benefits to the faculty member and their students, and

(5) evidence of commitment, collaboration, and engagement in CTLE’s activities (bonus). 

Please see the evaluation rubric used by the committee.  

Remuneration for the Faculty Fellows Program will be $2550 or a course release per semester per faculty member.  

Application Deadline: April 29th, 2024. 

Click here to apply. Please, make sure you upload all the required documents at the time of your application, including .

(1) your updated CV,

(2) your answers to the Faculty Fellows Application Questions, and the Faculty Fellows Signature page.  

Thank you for your dedication to academic excellence and you commitment to empowering our students through innovative teaching practices. We look forward to receiving your application.  



Susan Kinsella, Ph.D., MSW, HS-BCP 

Vice President of Academic Affairs 

Saint Leo University