Looking for teaching ideas or technical support in your courses? The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) is here to help! This faculty support webpage is your one-stop shop for personalized assistance on both pedagogical and course-related matters. Our dedicated team can offer guidance on refining your teaching strategies, incorporating new tools into your curriculum, or even setting up your gradebook. Additionally, we are equipped to tackle technical challenges related to course creation, D2L troubleshooting, and access to a course, or a new course shell. Remember, CTLE is committed to your success. Don’t hesitate to submit a ticket and leverage our expertise to enhance your teaching experience and empower student learning.

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Our team is here to assist you with pedagogical ideas, creating videos for your classes, using Zoom Whiteboard, and more. Whether you need help refining your teaching strategies or integrating new tools into your curriculum, click the button above to submit a ticket for personalized assistance.

For all your technical needs related to course creation, maintenance, and technical support, including sandbox creation and troubleshooting within D2L, our team is ready to help. Click the button above to submit a ticket for support with course-related issues.

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This request option is exclusively for Deans, Chairs, and Directors, who can make requests for new course development, substantial course revisions, or textbook updates.  Help us help you keep your courses and programs updated and competitive. 

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