Using Quick Eval for Grading

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Quick Eval aggregates all assignments that need to be evaluated. Instead of going to each assignment, quiz, or discussion, Quick Eval allows you to access all activities that need to be graded in a single place. Choose whether you want to see one course's activities or all your active courses at once.


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Step 1:

Inside the course, navigate to Progress in the navbar and select the drop-down arrow, then select Quick Eval.Quick Eval


Step 2:

Within the Quick Eval list, View by: Submissions (list of students with activities) or Activities (list of activities within the course).



Step 3: 

The dashboard is comprised of three columns: Student's First Name, Last Name, Activity Name, and Submission Date. Selecting any of these column names will sort the data. By default, submissions are sorted by date, with the oldest submissions appearing at the top of the list.

Quick Eval Dashboard


Step 4: 

Use the Filter options to pare down the results by Activity Name, or submission Date.



Step 5:

Select a student's name to assess a submission. This action will open the respective assessment tool within the course. The student submission will display, and from here, continue with the normal grading workflow. Once the grading of a student's submission is complete, select Publish to release the grade and any feedback.



Step 6:

Select the Back to Quick Eval link, located in the top left-hand corner of the screen, to return to the Quick Eval dashboard.


Back to dashboard


Step 7:

When learner submissions are evaluated and published, they no longer show up in the Quick Eval list.

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