Monitoring Class and Student Progress in D2L

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The Class Progress tool is a feature that allows instructors to monitor the progress of the whole class or individual students, across all types of activities, assessments, and material inside the course offering. You may want to use the Class Progress tool to do any of the following:

• Monitor progress for any or all users in your course.

• Prepare progress reports.

• Track when a user accesses the course and downloads course content.

• Track a user’s grades, completion of learning objectives, access to content topics, participation in discussions, assignment submissions, quiz submissions, checklist completion, survey responses, and login history.

• View feedback and submissions for assignments, discussion topics, and other assessments for individual learners.

• Set up Intelligent Agents  (ex. automatic emails) for learners who are falling behind in a course.

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Step 1:

Inside the course, navigate to Progress in the navbar, select the drop-down arrow, then select Class Progress.



Step 2:

The Class Progress page displays a list of all students in the course. Use the class progress navbar to sort the order in which students appear in the chart. By default, the following performance indicators appear from left to right in the navbar: Content Visited, Objectives, Logins, and Checklist. Note: a maximum of four performance indicators can display at any time. Select a student's name to access more detailed activity information.



Step 3: 

The Summary displays the Progress Summary for that student. To review details of the student's progress within each category, select the link title, or select the Expand icon, for additional information.



• Grades- presents the current final grade as well as a visualization of the scores of the items.

• Objectives- illustrates how the student is progressing through the objectives assigned.

• Content- displays how far the student has progressed through the content in the course.

• Discussions- presents the key indicators of engagement for each user across all discussions, including the number of messages the student has read, the number of new posts the user has made, and the number of replies the user has made to other messages.

• Dropbox- presents the current average on all assignments as well as a visualization of the scores of the items.

• Quizzes- presents the current average on all quizzes as well as a visualization of the scores of the items.

• Checklist- displays how far the learner has progressed through the checklists in the course.

• Surveys- displays how far the learner has progressed through the assigned surveys in the course.

• Course Access- displays the number of days accessing the course within 30 days and the last date student accessed the course.

Login History - displays the number of logins to the system each day and summed as a total.


Step 4:

Select the forward or back arrows to navigate to other students, or select the Class Progress link to return to the Class Progress page.