Grading a Discussion

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Grade a student’s individual discussion posts and have the score automatically calculated for that topic, or assign a topic score for each student manually.


Video Tutorial



Step 1:

Inside the course, navigate to Activities in the navigation bar, select the drop-down arrow then select Discussions.




Step 2:

From the DiscussionsList, navigate to the topic link to assess.


Discussions list


Step 3:

Select the drop-down arrow next to the topic and select Assess Topic. Note: Assess Topic only appears if the topic is linked to a grade item.


Context Menu


Step 4:

From the Assess Topic page, navigate to the learner, and select the Topic Score link. A pop-up window will appear that contains all the learner's posts within a given topic.


Learner to assess


Step 5:

In the learner's post - pop-up window:

5.1.  Review the learner's Post.

5.2.  Ensure that the Topic Score is either calculated correctly by the rubric criteria or enter a numeric value (if applicable, select the appropriate rubric criteria levels).

5.3.  Enter feedback for the learner in the General Feedback (optional) text box.

5.4.  Select Save Draft to publish feedback at a later date, or Publish to make the grade and feedback immediately available to the learner.




Step 6:

After selecting Publish, an automatic return to the Assess Topics page will occur. Note: The Score and Status columns will reflect the updates from the assessment.


Returned to Assess Topic