Entering Grades

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Instructors can utilize the Grades tool to create and manage their Gradebook and enter grades for activities. In some cases, the most efficient method to enter grades is directly in the Grades tool, especially in the case of Grade Items that are not associated with activities (Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes). In other cases, it may be more efficient to enter grades in the activities associated with the Grade Item, such as in the Discussion Topic, the Assignment Folder, or the Quiz.

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Step 1:

Inside the course, navigate to Progress in the navbar, select the drop-down arrow, then select Grades.



Step 2:

From the Enter Grades screen, select Switch to Spreadsheet View.

Spreadsheet view


Step 3:

Enter a value for each student in the respective item's grade column.

Enter Grades


Step 4:

Select Save when finished.

Save and cancel