Recap: A.I. Symposium Spurs Excitement and Learning Opportunities for Faculty

We’re thrilled to share the highlights of our recent Faculty Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, a groundbreaking event that brought our Saint Leo faculty together in the exploration of artificial intelligence. The symposium fostered rich discussions, insights, and opportunities to explore the ever-evolving landscape of A.I. If you missed out on any part of the event or want to relive the experience, the recording will be available on the AI Symposium webpage soon!

Continue your A.I. journey with the CTLE’s upcoming resources and offerings:

(1) Faculty Learning Communities: We firmly believe that fostering a sense of community enhances the learning experience. Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs) will provide a platform for you to engage in deep-dive discussions, collaboration with colleagues, and exchange ideas related to A.I. in higher education. A Faculty Learning Community is not a Teaching and Learning Conversation group (TLC) or a Faculty Book Club. It is a structured learning community of 6-8 colleagues who commit to meeting regularly (every 3 weeks is recommended) throughout the academic year to share research, teaching strategies, and scholarly opportunities. FLCs may be interdisciplinary or focused on a particular discipline. Each group’s structure and planned outcomes are determined by the group members.

Faculty Learning Communities typically focus on 5 overreaching goals:

  1. Explore a significant issue or complex problem in higher education.
  2. Engage in research and practice to address the chosen issue.
  3. Create a supportive community of inquiry.
  4. Improve teaching and learning.
  5. Produce scholarly works such as publications, conference presentations, grant proposals, or curricular changes based on scholarship.

Sign up by August 25th  to participate in an FLC. Groups will begin meeting in September.

(2) Webinars
: Did the symposium get you thinking about the impact of AI in your classes? Do you feel like there is so much more to learn or discuss?  Fret not! We’ll be hosting a series of webinars that will delve into the key topics covered.

•   Sept. 13 at 2:30 pmAI Writing in the Workplace: Practical Professional Applications from a Creative Writing Graduate
•   Oct. 5 at 2:30 pm – AI Strategies for the Writing-Intensive Classroom
•   TBD – AI as your TA: AI Empowered Pedagogy Can Increase Your Productivity and Enhance Your Teaching
•   TBD – AI Productivity Hacks to Ease Your Load

(3) Let’s CHAT: Sharing Practice Sessions
: The A.I. Symposium emphasized the importance of sharing practical experiences. Our Sharing Practice Sessions will allow you to discuss challenges you’ve faced and exchange strategies for success. These sessions promise to be a wellspring of innovative ideas and a fantastic opportunity for cross-pollination of knowledge.

•   Tues. October 10 at 2:00 pm
•   Tues. November 7 at 2:30 pm

Viva Engage (Yammer) AI Group: To keep the conversation going and facilitate ongoing collaboration, we’ve set up a dedicated Viva Engage (Yammer) Group solely focused on A.I. Connect with your colleagues, share articles, pose questions, and engage in meaningful dialogue on A.I.’s impact on academia and beyond.

To take advantage of these exciting opportunities and stay informed about upcoming events and activities, we invite you to visit the CTLE website for event dates, and registration. Follow us on social media for more CTLE news. Don’t hesitate to reach out to CTLE@saintleo.edu for any inquiries or assistance. Let’s continue this journey of exploration and growth together!

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