Book-Marked! October’s Book Recommendation from the CTLE

Check out October’s “Book-Marked” selection from the CTLE professional library.   

TitleMake it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning 

Authors: P. Brown; H. Roediger; M. McDaniel 

Description: Arguably, the primary goal of college learning is to understand and remember content so it can be applied to future situations. Make it Stick emphasizes the role of memory in learning and how new insights into how memory works can lead to better retention of what is learned.  The authors argue that many common study habits such as highlighting, rereading notes, and cramming, are ineffective.  Drawing on cognitive psychology and neuroscience, the authors provide practical techniques for facilitating more productive learning experiences and helping students develop more effective study habits. 

Peruse our online catalog and come by the CTLE (Saint Edward Hall 102) to check out Make it Stick or one of our other 100+ professional books for faculty.  You can also review previous recommendations on our CTLE Library page. 

Happy Reading! 

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