AI Symposium 2023

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

Faculty Symposium on AI in Higher Education 

August 17, 2023 

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Recording of the Event

Thank you to those that joined us for the AI Symposium.   Below are some photos of the event, as well as the agenda and other informative resources on AI.


Agenda For AI Symposium

AI Symposium Resources-1

Objective:  To provide faculty with information and opportunities to discuss the possible benefits and challenges of AI in higher education including:

  1. Issues related to academic integrity and AI detectors 
  2. Assessment strategies to mitigate cheating 
  3. Teaching with AI (content integration, assignment creation, lesson planning, course design) 
Opening Remarks  
  1. Opening Poll 
  2. Welcome and introduction to the symposium 
  3. Overview of the resource folder, objectives and agenda  

Session I:  Introduction to AI in Higher Education  

  1. Overview of Artificial Intelligence 
  2. AI’s relevance and uses in higher ed 
  3. Benefits and challenges of integrating AI into teaching and learning 
  4. Examples or case studies of AI applications in education 
  5. Activity: Sign-up for ChatGPT and enter your first conversation.  

Session 2:  Academic Integrity and AI Detectors  

  1. Insights from the standards committee 
  2. Activity:  Standards Committee case studies 
  3. A look at detection tools 
  4. Saint Leo’s academic Integrity policy statement and syllabi statements 
  5. Activity:  Academic Integrity Interview with a student (document) 

Session 3:  Assessments that Mitigate Student Cheating  

  1. Ways to design assessments that discourage cheating 
  2. Authentic assessments, performance assessments, problem-based assessments 
  3. Activity: Prompt ChatGPT to, “Take this assignment and change it to mitigate the risk of students cheating.  Consider ways to make it project-based, performance-based, or more authentic.”  Discuss results. 

Session 4:  Teaching with AI: Course Design and Lesson Planning   

  1. AI-infused learning experiences (discipline specific) 
  2. How can AI support lesson planning and instructional design? 
  3. How can AI be used to adapt teaching approaches to student needs? 
  4. Activity: Prompt ChatGPT to “create a 20-minute active learning strategy to teach [insert a discipline specific concept].” Discuss Results. 

Wrap-up and Next Steps  

  1. Next steps 
  2. Resources for continued learning 
  3. Closing Remarks 

Additional Resources by Topic 

Overview of AI in Higher Education  

 Academic Integrity and AI Detectors 

 Assessments that mitigate Student Cheating 

 Teaching with AI: Course Assignments, Lesson Planning, and Course Design   

Thought Leaders to follow 

 For hundreds more resources on these topics, access our Artificial Intelligence page on our CTLE website. 

You can also join in the AI conversation in our Yammer/Viva Engage group or join our CTLE Faculty Forum group to discuss other teaching and learning topics.