As we near the end of the semester, it’s a time for both students and professors to look back on all we’ve accomplished together. But let’s not forget, before we can fully kick back and relax, there are a few things we need to take care of. 

The end of the semester and academic year is also the perfect opportunity to think about our teaching methods and course materials. Maybe you’re considering trying out some cool new ed-tech tools or tweaking your teaching style a bit. It’s all about finding ways to make learning even more engaging and meaningful! 

We’ve put together a checklist and gathered some resources just for you. These are here to help you tie up any loose ends and finish strong. So, let’s end this semester with a bang and get ready to recharge for the next one! 


  • Review the Academic Calendar for any important upcoming dates.
  • Review the Exam Schedule for your courses.
  • Post in your course or send an email announcement to your students reminding them of upcoming due dates. 
  • Ask students to complete the course evaluation form. 
  • If you plan to offer review sessions, post the date and time on D2L and send it via email as well. 


  • Review and grade your Key Assignments.
  • Review and grade assignments using Rubrics.
  • Review the course syllabus focusing on end-of-semester assignments requirements and dates. 


  • Release your course grades
  • Submit your final grades
  • After grades are submitted, if needed, make a Change of Grade Request to correct a grade made in error.
  • If you have students who have requested and are being granted an “Incomplete,” make sure you have emailed them with the list of pending tasks and the deadline for submission with a reminder about the “Incomplete” transforming into an “F.”

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