Summit 2020: The Journey Continues

As the fall semester continues, here’s what’s next on our journey:

Fall Courses for Teaching and Learning

This fall, we will be offering a variety of professional development Courses for Teaching and Learning (CTLs). While we will continue to offer some faculty favorites like Teaching with Microsoft 365 and Introduction to Universal Design for Learning, we will also be offering several new self-paced courses on topics including Active Learning in the Online Environment, Collaborative Notetaking, and HyFlex Teaching. Many of the self-paced courses take only an hour to complete. In addition to our self-paced courses, we will also be offering two, two-week facilitated courses, which are well-suited for those who enjoy more collaborative online experiences. Participants in the facilitated CTLs can expect to spend about three hours total over the two weeks the courses are open. The first facilitated course, Introduction to Communities of Inquiry, is a more in-depth look at the research and applications of the presences discussed during the College Workshops earlier this semester. All of our CTLs are open to all faculty, delivered asynchronously through D2L, and are offered at different times throughout the semester. Registration is now open.

Base Camps

As part of our Summit 2020 plan, we are excited to offer something new for this semester: Base Camps. In hiking, a base camp is a place to shelter, to rest, and to prepare. And we’d like to think that’s exactly what our Base Camps will provide as we work through these unique times. Base Camps are 30- and 60-minute live sessions that will be delivered via Zoom and will offer conversations and support on a variety of topics. In addition to several “tips and tricks” sessions on using technologies like Zoom and D2L, we will also be hosting Base Camps on supporting student well-being, digital wellness, and mindfulness. The sessions will be open to all faculty and will begin later this month. Registration will be required, so be on the lookout for more information and updates on our Base Camps page.

Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLCs)

In a world that currently seems disconnected, would you like to connect with colleagues and engage in conversations about topics that matter to you? Perhaps you learned something at Faculty Development Day or from the College Workshops that you’d like to pursue. Perhaps there is a new topic such as race and diversity awaiting to be explored. The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence would like to support your inquiry by once again supporting TLC groups (Teaching and Learning Conversations). TLC’s enable instructors to learn from one another via a shared vision and plan, as well as an in-depth examination of what does and does not work in the classroom.

Possible TLC Topics/Groups, depending on faculty interest include:

 Teaching in a hybrid modality
•  Collaboration in a hybrid environment
•  Collegial Conversations: Creating a safe place to talk about Race, Social Justice, and Lessons Learned
•  Digital tools to enhance learning
•  Four Teaching Presences (Cognitive Presence, Emotional Presence, Social Presence, Teaching/Instructor Presence)
•  Inclusive teaching
•  Race, Social Justice and Navigating the Classroom: How to Handle Challenging Conversations
•  Zoom practices, tools, and tricks
•  Other (fill in a topic on the TLC Group Interest Form)

If you are interested in furthering the discussion, and learning more, please refer to the Teaching & Learning Conversations page. Complete the TLC Group Interest Form to let us know the group/topic in which you’re interested. We’ll be glad to help you find a group.

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