Base Camps

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

As part of our Summit 2020 plan, we are excited to offer something new for this semester: Base Camps. In hiking, a base camp is a place to shelterto rest, and to prepare. And we’d like to think that’s exactly what our Base Camps will provide as we work through these unique times. Base Camps are 30- and 60-minute live sessions that will be delivered via Zoom and will offer conversations and support on a variety of topics. In addition to several “tips and tricks” sessions on using technologies like Zoom and D2L, we will also be hosting Base Camps on supporting student wellbeing, digital wellness, and mindfulness. We will be adding more topics throughout the semester, so be sure to look for more announcements in the coming weeks. All faculty are welcome to join and registration is required. To reserve your spot, please visit our CTLE Events Calendar.


Topic (Register Here) Date Time  Description

D2L: Insights Tools
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10:30 AM

This presentation will introduce tools for student engagement.  Participants will learn about Insights, a D2L tool in each course section that helps monitor student behavior and course engagement through dashboards.  Participants will also learn how to use the Content Progress tool to monitor student interaction with course content and will be introduced to the advisor tool to provide comprehensive outreach to students in need of additional outreach.

Zoom: Breakouts
Session Recording


3:00 PM

This basecamp will cover creating breakout rooms, assigning students to those rooms, and strategies/activities to have students complete while in them. We will also discuss ways to effectively connect students in the classroom with students online. This basecamp will include a brief demonstration of the breakout room experience. 

Zoom: Polling
Session Recording


12:00 PM

This basecamp will cover the polling feature in Zoom. Learn how to create a poll, launch a poll, and display the results. Alternative external polling tools will also be discussed and demonstrated. 

Digital Post-it Boards
- Session Recording


10:00 AM

Communicate, Collect & Collaborate with Sticky Notes. This base camp will provide an overview of Padlet, Lino, and Participants will learn how these tools can be used to create and share notes online that can be accessed anywhere.

D2L: Feedback
-  Presention Slides
Session Recording


2:00 PM

Learn about different tools that you can use to give feedback in D2L, including audio feedback options and D2L annotation tools.

D2L: Intelligent Agents
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1:30 PM

In this session you will learn how to schedule and activate intelligent agents.    We will discuss when they should be used and when they shouldn't be used.

Digital Wellness during COVID-19: Let's Make a Plan


12:00 PM

A discussion on the current state of technology use and how the line between and professional and personal use has been blurred, especially in this trying time. No matter the device, from desktop to wearables, we are over-communicating and over-consuming online; we are “always on”. We need to talk about how and where we can set boundaries before we exhaust ourselves physically and mentally.

TurnItIn Grademarks (Quickmarks)
- Session Recording


2:00 PM

QuickMarks allows you to create a library of feedback that might be applicable, on multiple occasions, to multiple students, across multiple classes and assignments. This base camp will provide an overview of how QuickMarks can potentially cut down on time needed to write out commonly used marking terms.

Base Camp: Why Should I Do a Podcast?


12:00 PM

This presentation will answer two questions: why you should do a podcast and how you can. We will discuss the advantages and resources and cover some skills to put together a podcast. If you have ever been curious, come and see if hosting a podcast is for you.

Simulated Experiences


2:00 PM

Simulated Experiences have proven to be one of them most innovative and effective teaching and learning tools used in the classroom today. These virtual interactions not only educate students, but develop and strengthen their professional, social, and leadership skills, among other qualities highly sought after by today's employers. Come and learn how to use Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo to get your students real-world ready!