Step 1:  Find the Zoom Client Application on your computer by typing Zoom in the Search bar.   (See instructions to find Zoom on any device)  If this is not installed, you will need to download the client here.

Zoom App - FInd App


Step 2:  Select Sign In

Zoom App - Sign In


Step 3:  Select Sign in with SSO

Zoom App - Sign in with SSO


Step 4:  Type in saintleo

Zoom App - SIgn In with SSO Part 2


Step 5:  Log in to Okta with your Saint Leo credentials.

Zoom App - Login to Okta


Step 6:  Select your profile icon and check to make sure you are signed in with your Saint Leo Email address.

Zoom App - Check email address


Step 7:  Check for updates.   It is recommended that you check for updates once a week.  Here is an article on updating Zoom.

Zoom Client Update


Step 8:  Now you can open the Zoom meeting link.  You can also test Zoom here before opening the Zoom meeting.  Happy Zooming!!