Classroom Technology Resources

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

Overview:   During the fall 2020 semester, Saint Leo's on-ground classes have shifted to a new hybrid model.  This is where part of the class attends face to face and part of the class attends online via Zoom.    This new model, blending online and face to face classes together, makes classroom technology more important than ever.   Video Conferencing in Zoom is a new normal for all of our Hybrid classes. Access a myriad of Zoom Resources on our CTLE Zoom page.   We've also created for you a Hybrid Classroom Instructor Guide with tips, tricks, and best practices for teaching in a hybrid environment.   

 Room Equipment Type:  Here is the university campus classroom equipment list.  Find the classrooms you will be teaching in to make sure you access the appropriate instructions and video walk-through.  Please consult with your local IT group/site Director/site VTT Facilitator, if necessary, to understand how to turn on your designated room.  For tech support call ext. 8888


Room Setups: 

  1. Hybrid – Main classroom technology training – rooms include new camera setup 
    1. Hybrid room setup instructions
  2. Zoom Room – Classroom training on using Zoom Room Equipment 
    1. Zoom room setup instructions
    2. Video Walkthrough
  3. Polycom  – Classroom training on using Polycom (VTT) Equipment 
    1.  Polycom room setup instructions
    2.  Video Walkthrough

*Class Zoom meetings should be created in D2L (Courses) before the start-time of any given class.