Personalize Your Professional Development: Registration is Open!

Looking for an opportunity to connect with your colleagues and share ideas? Or perhaps you prefer your professional development self-paced and right to the point. Either way – we’ve got you covered.

This fall, we’re introducing a new way for you to experience Saint Leo professional development. We’ve done the research, we’ve considered the options, and most importantly, we’ve listened to you. Here’s what we know: as faculty, your needs, motivations, and interests vary, so your professional development options should too. Therefore, we are excited to introduce a more personalized approach to faculty development courses.

Some of the courses are self-paced and open for you throughout the semester. These courses are great opportunities for you to explore teaching practices, learn more about certain instructional strategies, or even try out a new technology – all at your own pace.

Other courses are more like traditional offerings; they give you an opportunity to connect with your colleagues, share in the curation of resources, and apply and assess different strategies in your own classes. But we know how busy you are, so we’ve created more streamlined opportunities for you. We’ve taken key concepts, strategies, and research and combined them in a much more manageable course that can be completed in a two-week period.

One other change you’ll notice is that we’ve included some additional information. You can now see the estimated time you can expect to devote to the course and the level of interactions you can expect to have with the content and/or your colleagues. Our hope is that all of these options will help you personalize your faculty development experience and offer you the support and information you need.

And now, we’ve made the registration process even simpler. No surveys. No emails. No D2L searching. Just a quick registration form. With only a few clicks, you are able to register for the faculty enrichment courses just like you do for all other Center for Teaching and Learning events. To learn more about our offerings: https://faculty.saintleo.edu/programs-services/enrichment-course-catalog

After you’ve reviewed the courses and are ready to register: Events Calendar

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