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Welcome to the Faculty Course Catalog

Beginning Fall 2019, we’re introducing a new way for faculty to experience Saint Leo professional development. We’ve done the research, we’ve considered the options, and most importantly, we’ve listened to you. Here’s what we know: as faculty, your needs, motivations, and interests vary, so your professional development options should too. Therefore, we are excited to introduce a more personalized approach to faculty development courses.

Some of the courses are self-paced and open for you throughout the semester. These courses are great opportunities for you to explore teaching practices, learn more about certain instructional strategies, or even try out a new technology – all at your own pace.

Other courses are more like traditional offerings; they give you an opportunity to connect with your colleagues, share in the curation of resources, and apply and assess different strategies in your own classes. Perhaps you’re wondering how these course offerings differ from the FES or FDT courses of the past. In short, time. We know how busy you are, so we’ve created more streamlined opportunities for you to engage in faculty development without the six-week obligation. We’ve taken key concepts, strategies, and research and combined them in a much more manageable course that still gives you the chance to focus on your practice and connect with your colleagues over a two-week period.

One other change you’ll notice is that we’ve included some additional information. You can now see the estimated time you can expect to devote to the course and the level of interactions you can expect to have with the content and/or your colleagues. Our hope is that all of these options will help you personalize your faculty development experience and offer you the support and information you need.

Registration is now OPEN!  To register for any of the offerings, click on the Events Calendar.

Have an idea for a future course? Interested in a specific topic? Let us know! Our new course catalog is designed to be adaptive and responsive to your interests. We’re constantly adding to the course offerings, so be sure to share your ideas!

Fall 2019

Course Title Delivery Mode Launch Date Length Hours Level of Interaction Description
Teaching in Courses (D2L) Self-paced Ongoing Open Open Medium Designed to familiarize all faculty with Courses, our learning management system. Enrollment in this course is automatic.
Teaching at SLU Self-paced 9/3/2019 4 Weeks 3.00 Medium Welcomes all faculty to Teaching at Saint Leo University and provides an overview of our history, our teaching practices, and the tools that can be used to support your practice.
Teaching in VTT Blended Monthly 1 Week 3.00 High Prepares faculty to teach in the Video Teaching and Teleconferencing modality.
Teaching in ICC Blended Monthly 1 Week 3.00 High Prepares faculty to teach in the Internet Connected Classroom modality.
RISE 2.0 Blended Monthly 1 Week 5.00 High Prepares faculty to develop online courses and work with Learning Design. This is a mandatory course for all faculty who will be designing courses for the University. Others are welcome to enroll if space is available.
Creating Module-Level Objectives Self-paced 9/16/2019 Semester 1.00 Low Introduces SLU's practice of creating module-level objectives and provides opportunities to assess and create well-written objectives.
Basics of Office 365 Self-paced 9/16/2019 Semester 1.00 Low Presents the basic functionality of the Office 365 suite and how it can be used to support productivity and creative teaching.
Collaboration: Theories & Tools Online 10/28/2019 2 Weeks 5.00 High Presents evidence-based practices for effective use of collaboration and asks faculty to explore tools that support collaborative learning. Methods apply to all teaching modalities.
Introduction to Communities of Inquiry Online 10/28/2019 2 Weeks 5.00 Medium Offers research on the fundamentals of creating Communities of Inquiry and how this framework can be used to support teaching and professional development. This is one of the Special Topics for the 2019-2020 academic year.