Saint Leo Takes a WAC at Writing across the Curriculum

During this fall’s Faculty Development Day, we welcomed Dr. Michael Neal, Associate Professor of English at Florida State University, to speak about writing as a powerful tool for learning content in any discipline, and we explored many ways in which we can incorporate writing across the curriculum (WAC). Dr. Neal’s presentation highlighted the types of writing that are most valuable for our students and provided practical strategies for the use of writing to learn techniques that can be implemented into any course. The session also offered multiple opportunities for faculty to reflect on their practice and share ideas with colleagues.

Offering a Little TLC (Teaching and Learning Conversations)

Upon the conclusion of Faculty Development Day, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence offered faculty the opportunity to continue the conversation by joining Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLCs). We are excited to announce that 54 faculty members have requested to join one of our seven writing TLCs that will begin meeting in September. Selected TLC topics range from writing assessments to discipline-specific writing topics, and two that focus on writing at the graduate level. These TLCs will meet three times this semester and are open to all faculty. If you were unable to attend Faculty Development Day but are still interested in joining, please reach out before September 1 for more information.

Resources for Writing Across the Curriculum

For those who are interested in learning more about Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC), we’ve added a “WAC” card on our Center website that provides links to resources for strategies as well as the scholarship for incorporating more valuable writing experiences into your courses. From our Faculty website (faculty.saintleo.edu), go to “Teaching” and find the last card on the page — “WAC Resources.”

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