The Future of Learning is Here

As the fall semester commences students, faculty and staff can expect to see a lot of new, friendly faces around campus. But several of those friendly faces popping up in your classroom may be on your computer screen. The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is proud to introduce Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo, a new and innovative way to teach your students the real world skills they’ll need to succeed outside of the classroom.

Licensed by a company called Mursion, SESL uses virtual settings and characters to immerse students in authentic and challenging situations they may face in their chosen career field from the comfort of their classroom. With several different environments to choose from, students may take on the role of teacher, manager, social worker and more, and interact with as many as five avatars at once all in real time.

All avatars are voiced and puppeteered by a trained Simulation Specialist who will react accordingly to the student’s actions as they attempt to meet a series of objectives designated by their instructor. Simulation run time and the scenario are determined by the faculty choosing to perform the simulation, in collaboration with the Simulation Specialist. All simulations must be scheduled a month prior to the desired run date.

To learn more about this exciting new technology and all of its advantages, visit Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo. Schedule your first simulation today to show your students what awaits them beyond Saint Leo.

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