Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo

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What are Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo?

The Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo are live virtual simulation environments that allow training and practice for individuals preparing to enter the workforce or those who are already in it. The technology is available to the campus through a partnership with the program’s developing company called Mursion. The software was created at the University of Central Florida (UCF) in 2015, originally under the name TeachLive, as a practice/learning tool for those seeking a career in the field of education. After being licensed and rebranded as Mursion, a wider range of simulations were developed, encompassing areas such a customer service and marketing, though education still remains the most prominently used of the simulated experiences. Today, participants have a variety of simulations, scenarios, and avatars to choose from, designed to both challenge and improve their communications skills, critical thinking, and conflict-resolution and leadership skills.

How Does It Work?

Simulations engage participants in life-like, believable scenarios in real-time. Depending on the scenario chosen, participants can interact with adult avatars, children, or both at the same time in a proctored session. Scenarios cover several categories, including customer service training, human resources training, and teacher or educator leadership preparation to name a few. Engaging with artificial intelligence in a real-world setting allows participants to make and learn from mistakes before entering the job force.

What Exactly Is A Scenario?

A scenario is the situation that defines the simulation and its objectives. It is designed by you, the client, and the University’s Simulation Specialist. The scenario determines the background content for a desired simulation and what challenges will be put in place to test the participant. Essentially, a scenario is the instruction manual/script for the desired simulation, and may revolve around such subjects as education, hospitality, social work, and business to name just a few. It is also possible to create custom scenarios, even from pre-existing documents.

How Can I Schedule A Mursion Session?

You can schedule a simulation session with our Simulation Specialist here:

Please note that all sessions must be scheduled a month prior to the desired date. This is to ensure adequate planning and development time between the Simulation Specialist and the client.

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