Writing in the Disciplines / Writing Across the Curriculum

Regarded as one of the most valuable skills students develop throughout their academic careers, writing is considered a core competency across all areas of study. While many may assume writing instruction comes primarily from composition courses, advocates for Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) and Writing in the Discipline (WID) suggest that writing should be a quintessential part of most university courses. As a movement, WAC asserts that writing is an instructional tool that spans disciplines and engages learners in active, student-centered environments. Faculty who adopt WAC strategies in their courses often employ such techniques as writing to learn, low-stakes written assessments, and writing to engage students in critical thinking. Writing in the Disciplines focuses on the writing formats, genres, and standards, that are expected in specific disciplines/professions. WID engages students in thinking and writing that is unique to the discipline. It prompts them to analyze and synthesize course content, engage in professional communication, and prepare for the work of their professions.

Quality Enhancement Plan: Read! Write! Transform!

In support of the Saint Leo mission to offer a “practical effective model for life and leadership in a challenging world” and the institution’s commitment to graduate students with transferable writing skills in order to communicate effectively within their chosen disciplines and workplaces, the university has launched a five year Quality Enhancement Plan, Read! Write! Transform! Access it here for further details!