Hybrid Planning Guide

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

If you are interested in designing your own hybrid course, this planning guide will give you the recommended steps and things to consider in your design process.


  1. Review Syllabus including student learning outcomes, instructor policies, assessments, and weekly schedule.

  2. Set up your weekly schedule – Choose one of the hybrid models for when and where you will meet for each class session.

Things to Consider

    1. What days should be face-to-face, zoom, or asynchronous?
      1. Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes - Include 2 synchronous classes (One day needs to be face-to-face. The second day can be zoom or face-to-face, the third day can be zoom or asynchronous)
      2. Tuesday, Thursday classes – Include one face-to-face class. The second day can be Zoom or asynchronous.
    2. What lessons should I teach in class?
    3. What lessons should I teach via Zoom?
    4. What content can be given asynchronously?
    5. How can you prepare your students to be successful in the hybrid course?

  1. Create Instructor Policies and Expectations

Things to consider

    1. What will your attendance and participation policy be?
    2. What are your expectations on submitting work (when and how)
    3. What are your expectations on engagement and interaction via Face to Face, Zoom and Asynchronous?

  1. Create a Communication Plan

Things to consider

    1. How will you communicate with your students (email, D2L News, in class)
    2. How do you want students to communicate with you? (email, in class)

  1. Design Activities and Instructor Materials

Things to Consider

    1. How will you integrate the online and face-to-face components of the course so that they will complement and extend one another?
    2. What technology tools will you use to design activities?
    3. What active learning strategies will you use in face-to-face, zoom and online?
    4. How will you build classroom community face to face, zoom and online?
    5. Should you turn your lectures into a video (flipped)?

  1. Plan Assessments

Things to Consider

    1. What assessment instruments will you use? (Rubrics, gradebook)
    2. Which assessments will you give face-to-face, Zoom and asynchronous?
    3. What technology tools will you use for formative and summative assessments?

  1. D2L Course Shell - Content area

    Things to consider

    1. How will you organize your content? (By week?)
    2. Add everything you have for the class in D2L

8.   D2L Course Shell – Assessments (Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes, Other)

Things to consider

    1. Will you have students submit work in class or online?
    2. Will you be doing your summative assessments online or on paper?
    3. Should you use rubrics in D2L?

9. D2L Course Shell – Gradebook

Things to consider

    1. What grading system will you use (weighted, points or formula)?
    2. Create gradebook items for all assignments and assessments.

  1. Review & Evaluate

Things to consider

    1. Link to the Saint Leo Hybrid Checklist