"Teaching at Saint Leo" Course

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

Welcome to Teaching at Saint Leo!

The Division of Academic Affairs requires that all faculty learn the pedagogical essentials for teaching at Saint Leo, as well as the essentials for navigating our learning management system (D2L). To assist you in fulfilling these expectations, the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) has designed a self-paced, online faculty development course (Teaching at Saint Leo) where you will learn a bit more about Saint Leo, our teaching expectations, and how to use our learning management system. This is a required course for all new instructors. The course is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the essentials of good teaching at Saint Leo (approximately 3 hours). The second part provides the necessary training to use our learning management system (approximately 5-6 hours). We estimate that it would take the average person approximately 8-9 hours to fully complete the course.

The entire course should be completed prior to the beginning of a faculty member’s first scheduled course, or if you are hired just before a term begins, it must be completed within four weeks of hire. We encourage you to get started as soon as you are enrolled. Enrollment is automatic for all new adjunct and full-time faculty. Faculty will receive a welcome email (check your Saint Leo email) with information about accessing the course. Once you complete the course, a certificate of completion will be issued to you. We appreciate your commitment to Personal Development and Excellence, and we wish you joyous teaching!

You have joined the faculty of a great teaching university that values teaching Excellence and faculty Personal Development (two of our six Core Values). As a member of the Saint Leo University faculty, we appreciate your expertise and the impact you will have on our students. It is our goal to help you enjoy successful teaching.