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The Saint Leo University Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence presents the Tech Tip Tuesday learning series for faculty.

Join us at the Center in Saint Edward Hall 102 at University Campus, and have a cookie, coffee, and conversation with your colleagues. If you can’t make it to our Center, register for a link to join us via webinar.

What's This?

This series of short, highly-focused, tips & tricks sessions will help faculty learn how to make their jobs just a little bit easier, while you join your colleagues for cookies, coffee & conversation.

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You’ll find a list of upcoming sessions on this page, or you can  view the full calendar.

Presenter Topic Date Time Topic Description
Christina Hewitt Creating or adjusting gradebook in D2L 09/10/19 2:00 PM Creating and adjusting the gradebook in D2L, adding or adjusting items or creating bonus grade items. Giving feedback from the gradebook will be covered as well.
Randall Woodard Kahoot! 09/17/19 2:00 PM Kahoot is a simple to use technology that is fun and provides immediate feedback for students in the class. Students use their phones or computers to interact immediately with the professor in a quiz or trivia type format.  Participants will learn how to create a Kahoot and how this easy to use technology can be used to introduce new material, interact with lecture, or provide a review for material.
Michael Campbell Micro Assessment: A One Minute Paper 09/24/19 12:00 PM Dr. Lucio and I recently published a paper on the use of the One Minute paper in online education.  We planned to build from that to explore applications for student engagement and feedback in online settings.
C’Lamt Ho Microsoft Forms 10/01/19 3:00 PM Microsoft Office Forms is part of Office 365. Office 365 Forms allows users to create Survey, Quizzes, and polls. Users can share & invite others to respond to it using in all browsers or mobile devices. Creators can see real-time as users are submitted. Forms has built-in analytics to evaluate responses, and export results to Microsoft Excel for further analysis or grading quizzes/tests.
Felicia Wilson Incorporating The Simulated Experience (Mursion)  into your Courseroom 10/08/19   The Simulation Experience (Mursion) is a great tool to provide students with an opportunity to practice skills in a simulated environment. Participants will learn the process of creating a scenario and incorporating this tool into the classroom.
Iona Sarieva Quizlet 10/15/19 3:00 pm Quizlet (pedagogical aspects and functionalities) and hands-on exploration of this interactive learning tool. The intro will be followed by a demonstration of several Quizlet activities and a discussion on how they can be used for self-study and in the classroom. The participants will take part in a short Quizlet self-study session and an interactive classroom game. The process of setting up a Quizlet will be demonstrated. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of the pros and cons of Quizlet, questions, and sharing ideas about including Quizlet into the learning process.
Owen Roach Group Assignments 10/22/19 3:30 PM Group Assignments and Marketing papers in Chalk and Wire.      
1. How to assign students in groups effectively
2. Receiving assignments from groups.
3. Marketing group assignments in Chalk and Wire.
Chantelle MacPhee OneNote - 24/7 Student Center/Student Retention tool  10/29/19 3:30 PM This presentation will focus on the use of MS OneNote as a writing, creative student tool accessible to faculty anytime, anywhere. Assignments in progress provide valuable insight into changing pedagogical style, as much as rethinking ways in which to design assignments as students work on them anytime, anywhere as often as they wish and professors can respond accordingly throughout the writing process.
Alexandra Kanellis FlipGrid 11/05/19 3:00 PM  
Rob Lucio Create, upload and/or embed YouTube videos 11/12/19 3:30 PM This session will cover how to create and upload videos to YouTube and then embed them in courses. This is useful for faculty who want to provide feedback or instructions in their courses or even teaching students how to employ the same skills for student video projects.