Call for Proposals for Fall 2022 Faculty Development Day

In his book, “What the Best Colleges Instructors Do,” Ken Bain writes, “Fundamentally, they [the best instructors] were learners, constantly trying to improve their own efforts to foster students’ development, and never completely satisfied with what they had already achieved.” In their quest for student success, they might experiment with multiple approaches to teaching a concept to find the most significant impact on student learning. Similar to this, educators can experiment to determine the most effective methods for fostering cooperative learning, peer review, or authentic assessments for students. This Faculty Development Day is an opportunity for you to share your best ideas. Explore and share practical, evidence-based best practices on pedagogical themes in a collaborative setting and acquire new understanding as you are equipped and inspired to attempt new things in your courses.

Theme: Practice What We Teach
Date: August 2022
Place: Online/Virtual
Proposal Deadline: Thursday, April 28, 2022

  1. 50-minute presentation – single presenter
  2. 50-minute panel presentation – 2-3 presenters with a collaborative proposal

Themed tracks and possible topics include:

•  Teaching Best Practices

º  Active Learning
º  Universal Design for Learning
º  Authentic Assessments

•  Tech Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning

º  Nearpod
º  Zoom tools (annotations, polling, breakout rooms)
º  D2L tools

•  Hybrid Teaching

º  Course development considerations and advice
º  Organizational structures for hybrid courses
º  Tools for engagement in hybrid environments

Online Teaching

º  Online teaching strategies
º  Facilitating student-to-student interaction in online learning
º  Collaborative learning online

•  Interdisciplinary Experiences

º  Interdisciplinary team teaching: examples, structures, or strategies
º  Interdisciplinary assignments within a course
º  Interdisciplinary scholarship between individual faculty members

•  Student Sense of Belonging

º  Strategies to create a place of belonging in online, virtual or on-ground
º  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
º  Emotional and Social presence in class

•  Making the Most of Your Zoom Synchronous Sessions in Online Courses

º  Why I use Zoom synchronous sessions in my online course
º  Synchronous teaching strategies to engage students in Zoom
º  How to get online students to attend optional Zoom sessions

For more information on the themed tracks and to submit a proposal, visit the Faculty Development Day – Fall 2022 page on our website and complete the online form. 

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