Presentations are the norm at Saint Leo.   Check out this vast assortment of presentation tools and tips available to you and your students to make classroom assignments and curriculum fresh and engaging. 

Some of the features you will find available are:

  • Add interactive questions

  • Self-paced presentations

  • Create interactive videos

  • Easy to use interfaces

  • The ability to collaborate with others on the creation of a presentation

Powerpoint - logo

Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that is included in Office 365 Suite through Saint Leo. PowerPoint can be installed and used directly on your computer or as a web-based application. You can include closed captioning, or record your presentation for students to view asynchronously. You and your students also have the option to collaborate on the presentation synchronously or asynchronously.

sway logo

Sway is an web-based, easy-to-use presentation program that is also included in the Office 365 Suite through Saint Leo. With the easy-to-use interface and design options, Sway makes it quick and simple to create interactive presentations newsletters, reports with great graphics, photo albums, and more. Since it’s a web based platform, all your creations will be available online.

nearpod logo

Nearpod is more than just a presentation tool. It can take your current static PowerPoints slides and turn them into an interactive lesson where your students will be actively participating in your lesson. The presentations can be delivered live or self-paced.


Piktochart is a web-based tool that allows you to create presentations, infographics, posters, timelines, reports, banners and flyers. Piktochart provides hundreds of templates that can be customized or used as it.


Wooclap is an interactive presentation tool. You can add various types of questions to your presentation, and then students can use their phones to answer them, and the results can be displayed live during class.

Useful Resources and Tools