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Rethinking Teaching in a Changing World

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In the midst of reimagining teaching within our rapidly changing world, professors are keenly aware of the unprecedented pace at which education is evolving. It is an exciting time to be an educator as we find ourselves at the forefront of shaping the future of teaching and learning. As a community of academic professionals, let’s embrace the challenges and opportunities of this fluctuating world with optimism, creativity, and a commitment to the transformative power of education.

We invite you to view the Faculty Development Day tracks and topics that mirror the dynamic shifts in education. We hope you consider sharing your insights, experiences, and strategies that will not only elevate Saint Leo’s teaching but also empower our students for success in this ever-evolving world.


Session 1 - 1:15 PM - 2:05 PM

Event Track Presentation Title Presentation Description Presenters Recording
Teaching Best Practices Creating 5 Star Learning with Merrill's Principles Learn about a framework for creating engaging real-world task analysis projects for your online and hybrid courses using Merrill's Principles and the 5 Star Learning method. Monique Liles, Max Crooper View Recording
Teaching Best Practices Enhancing Student Engagement with Microsoft OneDrive Tools Explore the power of technology to enhance authentic classroom engagement. Discover time-saving benefits through automation in Microsoft OneDrive, challenging stereotypes about electronic devices hindering engagement. Dive into using Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Sway to craft compelling surveys, questions, and in-class projects, elevating overall course participation and interaction. Austin Trantham View Recording
Artificial Intelligence Hey Claude AI, How Can You Help Me? In this presentation, faculty and staff will learn practical applications of AI that can help increase productivity and efficiency. Gain valuable insights and tools that can be used to harness the power of artificial intelligence in your work. Doris Van Kampen-Breit View Recording
Techniques to Increase Retention An Introduction into Appreciative Advising: Enhancing Student Success Discover the transformative power of Appreciative Advising in enhancing student success. Learn about a deliberate, collaborative approach focusing on generative questions to optimize educational experiences and achieve students' dreams. Gain insights into the six distinct phases of Appreciative Advising, empowering higher education professionals to foster deeper relationships and improve academic support services. Ben Forche View Recording
Online Teaching Supporting Students with D2L Data Learn how to find and act on your D2L data to help students succeed. Find out where students spend their time and identify misconceptions quickly. Kate Colello View Recording
Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging Encounter Groups in the Classroom: Strategies to Facilitate and Promote Authentic Conversation, Learning, and Community Explore the innovative integration of the "encounter group" concept into student-centered learning. Rooted in Carl Rogers humanistic psychology, this approach empowers students to drive their unique understanding and learning. Learn strategies to foster warm, empathic, and judgment-free spaces for authentic expression, encouraging open discussions and community-building in diverse disciplines. Matthew J. Bolton View Recording
Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging Hospitality in the Learning Environment Discover the essential role of hospitality in both in-ground and online classes to foster a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. Properly executed, hospitality transforms students from guests to integral participants, enhancing their overall educational experience. Lumbe Davis View Recording
Techniques to Increase Retention Pride & Preferences: Presenting Preliminary Data from a Fall 2023 Survey Research Project on Factors Attracting and Retaining Campus Students at SLU Join Professor Shoemaker as he presents preliminary data and findings from a Fall 2023 survey research project on factors attracting and retaining campus students at SLU. Engage in discussions and provide input on key factors influencing commitment and retention in this ongoing research endeavor. J.A.Shoemaker, Cyerra Bailey; Ellie Cross View Recording

Session 2 - 2:15 PM - 3:05 PM

Event Track Presentation Title Presentation Description Presenters Recording
Teaching Best Practices Simulations and Case Studies for Learning Discover the simplicity of elevating your courses with real-world experiences and simulations to engage students and foster critical thinking. Explore the benefits of a free faculty account with Harvard Business Publications and access a wealth of free and creative commons simulations and cases for both online and traditional courses. Monique Liles View Recording
Artificial Intelligence Al Productivity Hacks Explore practical applications of Al for enhanced productivity and efficiency in this presentation. Faculty and staff will acquire valuable insights and tools to leverage artificial intelligence effectively in their work, fostering a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Greg Kunzweiler, Austin Trantham View Recording
Teaching Best Practices Whip Around Pass and Friends: Active Learning Strategies Patrick Sheridan View Recording
Online Teaching What's Up at the Library? A New Website! Please join us for a tour of the new library website, and a discussion on the user experience, navigation conundrums and FAQs which helped guide the new design. Marissa Smith View Recording
Assessing Student Learning Google Earth: Making Connections with Problem-Based Learning Revolutionize problem-based learning with Google Earth, transforming research into interactive maps for authentic, real-world connections. Explore diverse topics from biodiversity hotspots to social justice historical sites, fostering engagement and creativity. Say goodbye to traditional research papers and usher in a dynamic era of meaningful student exploration using Google Earth. Christine Woods View Recording
Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging Emotional and Social Presence in the Classroom (online environment) Delve into the crucial realm of Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging with a focus on Emotional and Social Presence in the online environment. Explore strategies based on a real-life scenario, fostering flexibility and social connections to support students facing personal challenges. Uncover the transformative impact of genuine social presence in the online learning environment. Marlene Reid View Recording
Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging Belonging: Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion, and Inquiry Explore the multidimensional aspects of a student's sense of belonging. emphasizing the influence of faculty, institutional values, and the classroom environment. Drawing from the NASPA Framework, delve into the integral values of Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion, and Inquiry. This presentation unveils preliminary findings and insights, bridging theory and practice for enhanced student engagement and success. Amy Harris, Lisa Delgado Brown View Recording
Classroom Community and Sense of BelongingCreating Autism Allies: A Guide for Faculty and Staff This presentation has been designed to provide faculty and staff with the necessary knowledge and tools to become effective allies for students with autism. Attendees will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and explore practical strategies to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment. The session will cover various topics, including fostering communication, recognizing diverse strengths, and implementing accommodations Jasmine Cosme View Recording

Session 3 - 3:15 PM - 4:05 PM

Responsive Table
Event Track Presentation Presentation Description Presenters(s) Recordings(s)
Teaching Best Practices Gaining Industry Experience Through Experiential Learning; Collaborating with the Athletic Department Explore the vital connection between academia and sport management by integrating sport industry experience into the classroom. This presentation offers two examples of collaborative projects, demonstrating hands-on, active learning experiences in facility management and sport marketing courses. Gain insights from both professors and Athletic Department representatives, emphasizing student engagement and real-world application. Dene Williamson, Leon Mohan View Recording
Online Teaching Immersive Learning: The Future of Online Education and Remote Work Explore the transformative impact of mixed reality (XR) technology on education and work. Dive into the exciting possibilities of telepresence for remote interactions and discover research-backed insights on enhanced learning in XR. Uncover how Simulated Experiences can be seamlessly delivered to remote learners through XR, shaping the future of education. Monique Liles, Greg Kunzweiler, Emily Kochanski View Recording
Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging Classroom Culture and Student Engagement: What We Know and Can Do Explore the critical link between classroom culture and student engagement and achievement. Uncover effective strategies to enhance the positive climate for teaching and learning, fostering Increased retention and understanding of content. Join this presentation to transform your instructional approach and create an environment conducive to optimal student outcomes. Renee Sedlack View Recording
Artificial Intelligence Leveraging Artificial Intelligence as a Teaching Assistant: A Practical Approach Uncover the transformative potential of integrating AI as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for enhanced pedagogical effectiveness. Gain practical insights on leveraging AI for personalized feedback and crafting tailored class activities, utilizing Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Leave with the tools to create a more efficient, engaging, and personalized learning experience. Iona Sarieva, Kenny Embry; Valerie Kasper; Tonya Mazur View Recording
Online Teaching Connecting Discussions to Field of Study in General Education Courses Transform General Education courses into engaging opportunities by fostering innovative discussion boards. Allow students to connect classroom topics to their field of study, encouraging independent thought and linking general education skills to future careers. This approach enhances student participation and adds value to written assignments. Abigail Scheg View Recording
Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging YOU Belong to this Place Now! Using Digital Collections to Inspire Community and Belonging. Uncover the rich history of Saint Leo University effortlessly through digitized Archives and Special Collections Resources, including Pioneer College, Golden Legend Yearbooks, and Student Newspapers. Ideal for integrating historical insights into classes or workgroups, these electronically preserved documents provide snapshots and stories, fostering meaningful connections to the university's past, present, and future. Carol Ann Moon View Recording
Techniques to Increase Retention IT Spotlight: What Faculty Need to know about IT Innovations and Cyber Savvy Secrets Gain insights into the latest DoIT projects and enhancements, including Colleague/Elion Self-Service updates, Zoom Phone, Colleague to Cloud transition, and more. Enhance information security awareness with introductions to the new Information Security Director, current issues like MFA, and potential KnowBe4 video opportunities. Explore the overall DoIT strategic plan and engage in a general Q&A session. Sean M. VanGuilder View Recording