Navigating the rapidly evolving AI landscape requires staying informed by credible sources. This dedicated resource webpage connects educators and learners to influential thought leaders, academic experts, and authoritative media accounts providing insightful perspectives on artificial intelligence and its impact on education.

Discover pioneering researchers and scholars at the forefront of AI development and its implications for teaching and learning. Access their latest work, interviews, and commentary spanning topics like ethics in AI, human-AI collaboration, and cutting-edge AI applications in academia.

In addition to scholarly experts, this resource highlights journalists, industry analysts, and technology voices offering nuanced coverage and analysis of AI trends. Follow their writings, podcasts, and social media channels to gain a well-rounded understanding of AI’s disruptions and opportunities across sectors.

Whether aiming to integrate AI responsibly into the classroom, explore AI’s societal impact, or simply stay updated on the latest advancements, this meticulously compiled list of thought leaders and media accounts enables educators to separate fact from hype. Leverage these credible sources to guide discussions, inform instructional approaches, and prepare students for an AI-driven future.