This webpage equips educators with a comprehensive toolkit for navigating the ever-changing world of AI-powered assessment. Explore scholarly articles that address best practices for incorporating AI tools and delve into the ethical considerations of these technologies. Discover how AI can enhance student learning, streamline assessment workflows, and ensure fair and effective evaluations. This resource empowers you to make informed decisions about integrating AI into your classroom, maximizing its potential to improve assessment practices for both you and your students.

Unlocking Human-AI Potential

10 Best Practices for AI Assignments in Higher Ed

AI-Powered Higher Ed

by Dr Philippa Hardman (substack.com) 

Setting HE Coursework in the ChatGPT Era

Assessing the Process, Not the Product | by Adam Finkel-Gates

Post-AI Assessment

by Dr Philippa Hardman (substack.com)

Assignment Makeovers in the AI Age

Essay Edition – Agile Learning (derekbruff.org)

10 Ways to Design Dynamic Assignments

for Authentic Learning.pdf - Google Drive