This resource page serves as a comprehensive guide for educators looking to effectively integrate artificial intelligence into their teaching practices. Packed with articles, tools and tips, it covers strategies for leveraging AI to enhance student engagement and build future-ready skills.

Explore a wealth of resources that promote the responsible use of AI in academia while upholding academic integrity standards. Find thoughtful prompts that examine AI’s implications across various disciplines to foster insightful classroom discussions.

Whether just beginning to implement AI or ready to pursue innovative AI-supported pedagogy, this page equips educators with a robust toolkit. Leverage this transformative technology ethically to create enriching, future-focused learning experiences for students. The curated articles, examples and guidance empower educators to navigate the opportunities and challenges of teaching with AI in a principled manner.

How Does AI Impact Education?

Wharton Professor Ethan Mollick

Teaching & Learning with ChatGPT:

Opportunity or Quagmire? Part ll

Human or AI?

Connectives Hold the Clues

ChatGPT Has Changed Teaching.

Our Readers Tell Us How.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence in the  Classroom 

Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning

ChatGPT and Generative AI:

25 applications in teaching and assessment | (timeshighereducation.com) 

ChatGPT and generative AI:

25 applications to support student engagement  (timeshighereducation.com) 

ChatGPT Prompts for Busy Educators

TechNotes Blog (tcea.org) 

AI as Feedback Generator

Harvard Business Publishing Education 

Teaching with AI


Assigning AI:

Seven Approaches for Students with Prompts   

AI Educator Tools:

The Future of Learning

Update Your Course Syllabus for chatGPT

by Ryan Watkins | Medium  

What Is Khanmigo?

The GPT-4 Learning Tool Explained by Sal Khan | Tech & Learning (techlearning.com) 

Let ChatGPT Be Your Teaching Assistant

Harvard Business Publishing Education 

Using AI to Implement Effective Teaching Strategies in Classrooms:

Five Strategies, Including Prompts by Ethan R. Mollick, Lilach Mollick :: SSRN 

Future Trends Forum Part 2:

What might ChatGPT Mean for Higher Education, Continued 

Guest Post:

AI Will Augment, Not Replace | Just Visiting (insidehighered.com)  

The Impact of ChatGPT and AI on Higher Education

by Johanna Creswell Báez, PhD, LCSW | Jan, 2023 |

Practical Responses To ChatGPT

Office For Faculty Excellence - Montclair State University 

Create Engaging Lessons with ChatGPT:

Step-by-Step Guide (Video) 

'Everybody is cheating':

Why this teacher has adopted an open ChatGPT policy (NPR)