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The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence regularly updates the content on our website.   We will continue to explore and create new, helpful resources to share with faculty.   As we add new content to the CTLE website, we will feature it here.   This page (as our website) will be updated often, so make this one of your most visited pages each month.  

April 2023 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web pages


Podcast - How to Use ChatGPT to Create Engaging Learning Experiences with Dr. Jason Gulya

Artificial Intelligence


Leveraging AI in Research

Artificial Intelligence


CrossPlag - AI Content Detector

Artificial Intelligence


Can technology help schools prevent AI-based cheating?

Artificial Intelligence


Assessment Ideas Factory (The University of Queensland)

Formative and Summative Assessment


Can Turnitin Cure Higher Ed’s AI Fever?

Artificial Intelligence 


March CTLE Webinars

Programs and Services


Crush Your Next Virtual Class

Online Teaching, Hybrid Teaching, Zoom Teaching Toolbox


ChatGPT and the Future of Work

Artificial Intelligence

March 2023 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web pages
Article Write Your Teaching Philosophy Statement Writing Your Teaching Philosophy
Podcast What Does Community Mean in the Classroom? Building Communities in Online and Hybrid Environments
Article Assigning Roles to Increase the Effectiveness of Group Work Collaborative Learning
Article Educators’ Most Effective Attention-Grabbing Technique Presentation Pointers (Teaching)
Article 5 Ways To Teach With ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence
Article You Shouldn’t Be the Only One Talking in Your Digital Classroom Zoom Teaching Toolbox
Article The Importance of a Good Bedside Manner for Doctors Teachers, Part 1 First Days of Class
Article Building Community in Hybrid and Online Learning Building Communities in Online and Hybrid Environments
Article Inspiring Your Students to Write, Cite, and Avoid Plagiarism Plagiarism / Academic Integrity
Article Begin the Semester with Classroom Community Building Activities to Increase Student Engagement First Days of Class
Strategies to Foster Positive, Productive Classroom Communities
Article Silent Start Active Learning Strategies
Article Working Smarter, Not Harder: Setting Up an Online Course to Save Time! Online Teaching
Article  Quick Activities to Prepare and Maintain a Classroom of Care

First Days of Class

Active Learning

Article Strategic Blended Learning in Higher Education Hybrid Teaching
Article How to Start Strong—and Authentically—with Your Students First Days of Class
Article Why Your Students Need to Know You’re All In First Days of Class

February 2023 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web pages
Web Page Supporting Student Mental Health Teaching
Web Page Building Communities in Online and Hybrid Environments Classroom Community
Web Page Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) Teaching
Web Page Gamification | Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence Teaching
Web Page Why Classroom Community Matters: The Research Classroom Community
Web Page Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Teaching
Web Page AEFIS - Student Course Evaluations Academic Affairs
Article 6 Best AI Text Writers | Educational Technology and Mobile Learning (educatorstechnology.com) Artificial Intelligence
Article ChatGPT AI hype cycle is peaking, but even tech skeptics doubt a bust (cnbc.com) Artificial Intelligence
Article Opinion | In the Age of A.I., Major in Being Human - The New York Times (nytimes.com) Artificial Intelligence
Article ChatGPT and AI Text Generators: Should Academia Adapt or Resist? | Harvard Business Publishing Education Artificial Intelligence
Article Why All Our Classes Suddenly Became AI Classes | Harvard Business Publishing Education Artificial Intelligence
Article Microlectures 101: What, Why, & How? | Faculty Focus Hybrid Teaching
Article Using Mini-Lectures to Create Active Learning Space (scholarlyteacher.com) Presentation Pointers
Article Improvising Great Classroom Discussions Classroom Discussions
Article A Century of Grading Research Formative and Summative Assessment

January 2023 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web pages
Web Page Microsoft Edge Technology
Web Page First Days of Class Teaching

November 2022 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web pages
Article They Don't Read My Feedback!  Strategies to Encourage Reception and Application of Course Feedback Formative & Sumative Assessment
Article What is a Teaching Philosophy? Examples and Prompts Writing a Teaching Philosophy 
Podcast Creating a Safe, Welcoming, and Positive Environment for Your Online Students Building Communities in Distance Learning
Online Teaching 
Article Faculty Focus:  Strategies for Accommodting Students with Disabilities in Higher Education Accessibility
Article Recovering Student Engagement at Mid-course Time Mid-Term Course Feedback
Website Yammer Technology
Website (Updated) Academic Integrity / Plagiarism Teaching
Website (Updated) Emergency Preparation: Teaching Options Teaching

October 2022 Updates


September 2022 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web page
Intranet Files Interfolio Academic Affairs Resources
Article What Effective Case Instructors Do Best Scholarship Support
Article What the Case Study Method Really Teaches Scholarship Support
Intranet Files Observation Forms and Resources Academic Affairs Resources
Article How to Prevent Plagiarism and Cheating in Grad School Teaching
Article Why Your Students Are Disengaged Teaching
Page Inclusive Teaching Teaching
Page What is Inclusive Teaching? Teaching
Page Inclusive Teaching Principles Teaching
Page Inclusion Strategies Teaching
Videos Tips and Tricks in Outlook Technology
Article The Two Best Practices for Successful Online Teaching and Learning Online Teaching


August 2022 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web page
Page Wellness Programs and Services
Page Zoom Teaching Toolbox Zoom Resources
Article The Effectiveness of MS PowerPoint: Take Your Presentation to the Next Level Presentation Pointers
YouTube K. Patricia Cross Academy YouTube Playlist - Active/Engaged Learning Active Learning
Article 10 Creative Ways to Better Engage Your Students Active Learning
Article Add-trauma-glasses-to-your-teacher-toolkit Knowing-our-students

July 2022 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web page
Article Energize your Online Course with Group Work Online Teaching
Article I wanted to Know how to Better Engage My Students Online, So I Asked Them. Online Teaching & Virtual Synchronous Sessions
Article Inclusive and Active Pedagogies Reduce Gaps and Improve Long-term Performance Active Learning
Article The Making of a Teaching Evangelist Active Learning
Article Why Student Success Depends on Continuous Feedback Formative and Summative Assessments 
Website Academic Calendar 2022 - 2023 (Faculty/Administrative Edition) Academic Calendar
Website Academic Term Dates Academic Calendar


June 2022 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web page
Article Annotate This: How a Common Academic Practice Can Boost Learning Active Learning
CTLE Web Page CTLE Social Media CTLE Social Media

May 2022 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web page
Article TILT 2.0: How to Convey Your Expectations of a Class Assignment Effectively | Faculty Focus Formative and Summative Assessments 
Article A ‘Stunning’ Level of Student Disconnection Classroom Community
Blog  Beat the Heat with Courses for Teaching and Learning! Blog Page
Blog Gumby and Hybrid Blog Page
Blog  A Hidden Treasure in D2L! Blog Page
Article 4 Online Teaching Strategies to Promote Collaboration and Community Online Teaching 
Article Zoom Whiteboard Tips for Teaching and Collaborating in the Classroom Zoom


April 2022 Updates

Type New Resource CTLE Web page
Article Building a Social and Emotional Learning Community for Our Students Classroom Community
Infographic Teaching Tips on Lecturing Presentation Pointers
Article How to Give Your Students Better Feedback With Technology Formative Assessment Polling Tools
Video Zoom - Immersive View Zoom
Video Zoom - Slide Control Zoom
Article Five Techniques for Better Class Discussions Class Discussions
Article Five Ways to Support Flexible Learning Hybrid Teaching
Tutorials Engaging Your Students - Zoom Education Zoom
Video The All New Zoom Whiteboard Zoom
Article Zoom Whiteboard User Guide Zoom