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Yammer is a Saint Leo online forum for all faculty and staff. Yammer is a very easy-to-navigate platform that allows for posting and collaboration. You can create engaging communities where you can connect and share ideas and interests with your colleagues. Check out an overview video on how to use Yammer and its support page.    

Email notifications:
You can customize your Yammer email notifications on the Yammer settings page. Check out this helpful video on customizing your email notifications. 

Learn how to customize a Yammer community.

One more option to stay connected to your Yammer groups is to install the Yammer app on your computer or phone. You can download and install the app here: 

Saint Leo Wellness Groups  

If you are interested in creating a new interest group, create a new Yammer community. Once you have the community built, email greg.kunzweiler@saintleo.edu the link to the group, and he will post it on this page. You can also share it on our general Wellness Yammer group. The general wellness group page is a great place to post about or invite others to your group. Let everyone know when your first meeting is and tell them to come along! 

Be on the lookout for more events or activities on our Wellness Yammer Group