Survey Monkey

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Survey Monkey is a free, web-based tool that allows users to create engaging surveys to distribute with anyone.   Survey Monkey is a great tool that can be used to deliver a mid-term survey to your students.

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Setting up a Survey Monkey

Step 1

From the menu on the left, select Start from Scratch.


Step 2

Give your survey a name, select a category, and choose a survey format. Then select Create Survey.


Step 3

Enter questions manually or select them from the question bank.


Step 4 

Select New Question to add a new question to your survey. Repeat until all questions are added.


Step 5

Edit the Done, Previous, and Back button text, if necessary.


Step 6

When you are finished, select Save.

Step 4

Step 7 

Select Next in the upper right corner.


Step 8

Select Collect Responses.


Step 9

Select Send surveys your way.



Step 10

Select Get Web Link.



Step 11

Select Copy to copy your web link.


Step 12

Paste your link into an email, news item, or place within a module in your D2L course shell.