Key Assignments

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Important Notice: Please DO NOT alter the name of the key assignment folder (i.e., adding "week 5" to the title); doing so will break the link to AEFIS.


Key assignments are designated course assignments selected by programs and/or faculty course designers to assess student learning outcomes. AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback & Intervention System) is an Assessment Management System that facilitates the collection and reporting of learning outcome data from course Key Assignments. Faculty are able to utilize the data for continuous improvement of student learning outcomes, which is required by SACSCOC and other accreditation bodies. AEFIS seamlessly integrates with D2L, allowing faculty to stay within one system (D2L) to assess and grade student work.

Courses with Key Assignments:

Refer to this Courses with Key Assignments document to determine if your course has key assignments. Select the plus sign (+) next to any department to view the courses with key assignments in that department. Courses with an asterisk (*) indicate an assignment has two rubrics. Both rubrics must be scored in D2L.

Additional Documents:

Key Assignments and Rubrics Scoring Training videos:

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