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Welcome to the Honors Program section of the CTLE website. Here we aim to provide you with quick access to common and important resources for faculty teaching, desiring to teach, or advising students in the Saint Leo Honors Program. Oh, and if you need some information right away, feel free to email us at honors@saintleo.edu.   

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Resources for Teaching in Honors

The following links are resources for faculty who are either interested in proposing a new course for the Honors program or for those who are already teaching in Honors.

  1. The Honors Program welcomes new course ideas from any and all disciplines across the university. Given that the Honors Program now requires students to select courses within specific categories, Honors will always be looking for new and creative courses to offer within each of these categories. The categories are as follows: (1) First Year Seminar I; (2) First Year Seminar II; (3) Ideas and Expression; (4) Community and Identity; (5) Nature; and (6) Global Responsibility. For detailed information about each of these categories and an overview of the curriculum, please visit our website at https://www.saintleo.edu/honors-program-curriculum
  2. To propose a new course, please download, complete, and email the following document (Honors Course Application for Faculty) to Honors@saintleo.edu. Note: this application can be completed and submitted prior to a new course being fully built-even course ideas that are still in-progress are welcome. New course ideas will typically be scheduled no earlier than one academic year from the time of submission to the Honors Director.  
  3. For general information about Honors course syllabi including course descriptions and learning outcomes, please see this document, Honors Syllabi Informational. For full Master Syllabi see your college's community page below.
  4. For faculty building their own course syllabi, the following links provide sample syllabi, curriculum proposals, and master syllabi. Additional questions about syllabus construction should be sent to honors@saintleo.edu.

Resources for Advising Students in the Honors Program

For a quick overview of the Honors Program curriculum and how it compares with the University Explorations general education requirements, access this easy reference document, Advising at a Glance.

  1. For a thorough overview of the Honors curriculum:


  1. For advising students in the Honors Scholars Program (a standard 4-year program for incoming freshmen or students who have earned less than 40 credits at the time of entrance into the program)


  1. For advising students in the Honors Fellows Program (an abbreviated program for transfer students or students who have earned more than 40 credits at the time of entrance into the program)