Grant Special Access for a Quiz

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Provide individualized restrictions (e.g., extra time, more attempts, etc.) by editing the individual activities and configuring Special Access on the Restrictions tab.


Video Tutorial - Grant Special Access for a Quiz








1.  Inside the course, navigate to Activities in the navbar and select the drop down arrow then select Quizzes.



2.  From the Manage Quizzes page, select the down arrow next to the quiz. Then select Edit to open the quiz.

SA Quiz_Edit


Restrictions Tab

1.  Select the Restrictions tab and scroll down to find the Special Access section.

SA Quiz_Restrictions tab


2.  Select one of the following options from the Type of Access area: 

º  The first option, Allow selected users special access to this quiz, allows the instructor to extend the quiz due date, extend the quiz time allowed, or allow for a longer grace period for specific students.

º  The second option, Allow only users with special access to see this quiz, allows ONLY the students to whom you have given special access to see the quiz. This option may be ideal for up a make-up quiz that needs to have different questions than the original quiz.

 After choosing an option, select Add Users to Special Access.

SA Quiz_Types of Access


3.  From the Add Special Access to Quiz page, Properties section, select from the following options:

º  To allow individual students earlier access to the quiz, select the check box for Has Start Date, then, change the start date and time. 

SA Quiz_Start Date


º  To allow individual students later access to the Quiz, select the check box for Has End Date, then change the end date and time. 

SA Quiz_End Date


º  To allow individual students more time to take a quiz, select the radio button next to either Recommend time limit or Enforced time limit, and enter a number in the minute(s) field. 

SA Quiz_Timing


º  To allow individual students a different number of attempts in the quiz, select the check box to Override attempts allow and choose a number from the drop down menu. Then select Apply

SA Quiz_Attemps


4.  From the Users section, select the check box next to the name of the student(s) who will have special access to the quiz. Then select Add Special Access.

SA Quiz_Users


5.  Back on the Edit Quiz page, the student(s) should now appear within the Add Users to Special Access area.

  SA Assignment_Restrictions tab with users


6.  Select Save and Close to save this special access. 

  SA Quiz_Save and Close


Note: Faculty can review accommodations requests for classes they are teaching via their faculty profile.