Grant Special Access for an Assignment

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Special access permissions allow for the setup of different availability dates and times for specific users. For example, extend the deadline for users who require remedial help or who are submitting work beyond the original scope of the assignment. Special access can also be setup after an assignment submission folder’s end date has passed for users who have a legitimate excuse for missing the deadline or for users needing additional materials to be submitted, such as planning notes or a bibliography.


Video Tutorial - Add Restrictions to a Submission Folder








Grant Special Access for an Assignment

1. Inside the course, navigate to Activities in the navigation bar and select the drop down arrow then select Assignments.

  SA Assignment_Activities


2. On the Assignments page, select the drop down next to the assignment and select Edit Folder.

SA Assignment_Edit


Restrictions Tab

1.  Select the Restrictions tab and scroll down to find the Special Access section.

SA Assignment_Restrictions tab


2. Select one of the following options from the Special Access area: 

º Allow users with special access to submit files outside the normal availability dates for this folder

º Allow only users with special access to see this folder

 After choosing an option, select Add Users to Special Access.

SA Assignment_Special Access


3. From the Special Access page, Properties section, select from the following options:

º  To allow individual students earlier access to the assignment, select the check box for Has Start Date, then, change the start date and time. 

SA Quiz_Start Date


º  To allow individual students later access to the assignment, select the check box for Has End Date, then change the end date and time. 

SA Quiz_End Date


4. From the Users section, select the box next to the name of the student(s) who will have special access to the assignment. Then select Add Special Access.

SA Quiz_Users


5. Back on the Edit Folder page, the student(s) should now appear within the Special Access area.

  SA Assignment_Restrictions tab with users


6.  Select Save and Close to save this special access.  SA Assignment_Save and Close