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The Quiz tool allows instructors to create, configure, deliver, and assess online assessments (e.g., exams, tests, quizzes, etc.). 

Here are the categories we will cover in this tutorial:

Create a Quiz

1.  Inside the course, navigate to Activities in the navbar and select the drop down arrow, then select Quizzes.



2.  On the Manage Quizzes page, select New Quiz.

New Quiz


Properties Tab

1.  In the General area, fill in the quiz details, including giving the quiz a name.  



 2.  In the Quiz Questions area, select Add/Edit Questions.

Quiz Questions


3.  Select either the Add or Import drop-down menu:

  Add_Import Questions

Refer to the D2L Quiz videos to learn more.


4.  In the Description / Introduction section (optional):

º Select the on radio button to enable the Description and/or Introduction fields (the default option is off). If enabled, the content entered into the text box will display before students start the quiz.



5.  In the Page Header / Footer section (optional):

Select the on radio button to enable the Page Header and/or Footer fields (the default option is off). If enabled, the content entered into the text box will appear at the top or bottom of every page in the quiz.

  Page Header_Footer


6.  In the Optional Advanced Properties section select any of the following:

º  Allow hints:  Enabling this option provides hints for questions.

º  Disable right click:  Prevents users from copying quiz questions using right click while taking a quiz.

º  Disable pager and alerts:  Enabling this option, users cannot access the pager tool or their alerts if they have a quiz attempt in progress.

º  Notification Email:  Enter email address(es) in this field to receive notification when a quiz has been submitted.  

Optional Advance Properties

7.  Select Save then go to the Restrictions tab to set up date restrictions and additional release conditions. 



Restrictions Tab

1.  In the Restrictions tab, un-check the Hide from Users option to allow students to see the quiz. By default, quizzes are hidden from students when they are created.  



2.  Select Has a Due Date to set the due date for the quiz (optional). 

Due Date


3.  In the Availability section (optional):

º  Select the Has Start Date checkbox and set the date and time when the quiz becomes available to the students. Students may submit after the Due Date, up until an End Date, if one is set, in which case it is marked late, in red in the instructor and student view.

º  Select the Has End Date checkbox and set the date and time to prevent students from starting a quiz.

º  Select the Display in Calendar checkbox to display the quiz Start and/or End Dates in the course calendar.



4.  In the Release Conditions section (optional), select either Attach Existing or Create and Attach to make this quiz viewable after the students have met specified criteria. Release Conditions create a controlled learning path through the course materials. Refer to the Release Conditions documentation from D2L for more information.

Rest_Release Conditions

5.  In the Optional Advanced Restrictions section (optional):

º  Enter a password in the Password filed to require users to enter a password to attempt the quiz.

º  Enter an IP address in the IP Restriction (IPv4) filed to restrict quiz access to users from a certain location.

Optional Advanced


6.  In the Timing section, select the radio button for one of the following:

º  Recommended Time - set a Time Limit in total minutes (default is 120 minutes) and select the checkbox to Show clock (optional) if a countdown clock is to be displayed during the quiz.



º  Enforced Time Limit – set a Time Limit, determine whether a Grace Period is used, and select the designed behavior after the Grace Period has been exceeded. 

Enforced Timing


7.  Select a Special Access option and Add Users to Special Access to allow different availability dates and times to be set up for specific users. Refer to the Accessibility Resources for more information.

º  Allow selected users special access to this quiz permits the student with special access to take the quiz.

º Allow only users with special access to see this quiz restricts the quiz just to students with special access.

Special Access


8. Select Save then go to the Assessment tab to set up grading for the quiz. 



Assessment Tab

1.  In the Assessment tab, Assessment section, to Automatic Grade, select the check box to Allow attempts to be set as graded immediately upon completion. When this setting is enabled, students can see their score as soon as they submit their attempt.

Graded Immediately


2.  Use the Grade Item drop down menu to associate the quiz with a grade item in your grade book.

º  If the grade item was not created, select the New Grade Item. In the pop-up window that opens, enter a name for the grade item and the value for maximum points possible for the quiz (select optional choices for the quiz), then select Save.

Grade Item


3. Select the Allow automatic export to grades check box to send grades automatically to the grade book.

Auto Export


4.  To change the display settings for the quiz's grade item, select the Student View Preview context menu, then Edit Display Settings. If you associate the quiz with a grade item in your grade book, you can select Edit Display Settings from the Student View Preview drop down menu to edit how grades display to students. Display settings can only be set if associated with a grade item.

Student View


5.  In the Attempts section, set the number of Attempts Allowed students will have to complete a quiz and then choose Apply. Note. Optional Advance Attempt Conditions will appear if a number of attempts from 2 to 10 are applied (Advanced Attempt Conditions are optional and will not apply if left blank).

Attempts Allowed


6.  The Overall Grade Calculation can be determined by selecting the drop down arrow and selecting, highest; lowest; average; first; or last attempt. Highest Attempt is the default and will be used for the grade book.

Overall Grade


7.  Select Save then go to the Objectives tab to associate a quiz with a learning objective or select Save and Close




Objectives Tab

1.  In the Objectives tab, select Associate Learning Objectives.

º  In the pop-up window that opens, Browse or Search for the learning objectives to associate with the quiz.

º  Select the check boxes beside the learning objectives and select Add Selected.

º  Select Save and Close or select the Submission Views tab.



Submission Views Tab

1.  In the Submission Views tab, control what information the learner sees upon completion of the quiz.

º  To edit the default view, select the Default View link. Make changes and select Save.

º  To create a new view, select Add Additional View. Customize the view and select Save.

º  Select Save and Close or select the Reports Setup tab.

Submission View


Reports Setup Tab

1.  In the Reports Setup tab, reports allow for the gathering of information on how students perform on a quiz. Reports are different from quiz statistics in that they allow for more types of information to be collected than available through the statistics. Refer to the Create a Quiz Report documentation from D2L for more information.