Create Grade Items

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create grade items that will connect with your assignments, quizzes, discussions or other grade items in your course.

Video Tutorial - Create a Grade Item






Step 1:

  1.  Open the Manage Grade tab
  2.  Click the New button 
  3.  Then click Item

gradebook - Grade Item 1



Step 2:

Select the Grade Item Type from the list.   Numeric is the most common and best used if you want D2L to calculate the final grade.  

Gradebook - Grade Item Type


Step 3: 

  1. On the properties tab, give your Grade Item a Name
  2. If you are using Categories in your gradebook, select an existing category or create a New Category
  3. Optional:  Add a Grade Item description. 
  4. Under Grading, add the Maximum Points for the grade item
  5. If you are Weighting the grade, then add the weight
  6. Click Save and Close

Gradebook - Grade Item-name