Creating Discussion Forums and Topics

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Discussion boards are a great way to get your students to interact with each other.  

In the Discussions tool, instructors can:    

  • Create and manage Discussion Topics where learners interact with instructors and their peers.
  • Discussion Topics are the places where students will view a prompt, post a reply, and reply to their peers.  
  • Discussions can be organized into one or more Discussion Forums containing multiple Discussion Topics.  


Video Tutorial - Create a Discussion Forum










Discussion Forum Instructions

Discussions are your course message boards, and all discussions must belong to a forum. 

Step 1:

  1. Click on Activities
  2. Then select Discussions


Step 2:

  1. Select New
  2. Then select New Forum


Step 3:

  1. Give Your Forum a Title 
  2. Optional: Write Description and Options, including Visible Dates 
  3. Click Save and Close



Video Tutorial - Create a Discussion Topic








Discussion Topic Instructions


Step 1:

  1. Navigate to Discussions 
  2. Select New
  3. Select New Topic



Step 2:

  1. Select the Appropriate Forum (Remember, all Topics must belong to Forums) 
  2. Add a Title and Description/Prompt 
  3. Select Additional Settings, including Start and End Dates  
  4. Click Save and Close