Creating Content

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Content includes all the items that are a part of your course, and D2L allows you to place items in your course in a variety of ways.  

Video Tutorial - Create a File and Insert Stuff








Creating Content

After creating a module, notice the options New and Add Existing Activities 


Selecting New means that you will be able to upload documents and videos, create files, share links, and create new assignments, discussions, and quizzes.  

Add Existing Activities will allow you to pull from resources already attached to the course. For example, if you have already created discussions or quizzes or uploaded a PDF, you will select Add Existing Activities to attach those content items to that particular module.  

Remember: Each of the items you add becomes the content of the module.  


While adding content items is standard, many of your items may be files. D2L files should be thought of as the web pages that you're creating for your course. If, for example, you wanted to have a project introduction page, you would most likely need text, links, images, or videos all in one place. That place (or webpage) is called a File. 

Creating a File & Inserting Stuff  

D2L has some language that is helpful to know as you get started.  

  • Creating a File:  D2L also allows you to "create files" in the modules. Think of creating files as creating pages.
  • Inserting Stuff: If you want to insert stuff like videos on your files (pages), you'll want to select the appropriately named "Insert Stuff" button.

This example, from a module on how to use Microsoft Word, shows a fully-developed file that includes text, images, links, and videos.  Notice how the "Create a File" option allows you to better organize content.  Once you create a file, it can become one of the items in your module. The D2L text editor is easy to use and requires no knowledge of coding.


To create a file: 

  • Select New from inside any module.  
  • Select Create a File 



In addition to text editing, you may also use the Insert Stuff option for adding content to a File: 

  Insert Stuff_forWebsite