Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLCs)

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence 

Opportunities to Continue the Conversation

With TLCs

Did you learn something at Faculty Development Day that could enhance your teaching and your students’ learning?  Would you like to continue the conversation with your colleagues?  The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence would like to support your inquiry by setting up TLC groups (Teaching and Learning Conversations).  If you are interested in furthering the discussion, but didn’t fill out the form at Faculty Development Day, send us an email and let us know the group/topic (below) in which you’re interested.  We’ll be glad to help you find a group. 

Possible TLC Topics/Groups, depending on faculty interest include….

  • Interdisciplinary group(s) focusing on low stakes writing strategies to promote content learning
  • Tools to Assess Writing (creating rubrics, providing feedback, peer feedback)
  • Writing in the Disciplines
    • Social Sciences
    • Math
    • Business
    • Science
    • Master’s programs
    • Doctoral programs

Suggested Structure for Groups

  • Meet 3 times fall semester
  • 60-90 minute meetings
  • Group sets own goals (i.e. try one strategy before each meeting; or bring one resource to discuss)
  • Each member shares something at each meeting (strategy, resource, etc)
  • Members share insights, collaborative problem solving,
  • Repeat each month, possibly trying something a colleague shared.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence will Support the Groups.  We will . . . .

  • Set up Microsoft Team as a place to share documents, communicate, video conference (Center faculty can join via Team video meeting)
  • Provide meeting space at the Center or reserve a room for you
  • Provide food reimbursement (up to $25 per meeting)
  • provide a facilitator for each group
  • provide opportunities to present at Spring Faculty Development Day

 What’s in it for the faculty member?

Opportunities. . . .

  • To enhance your practice
  • To share knowledge
  • For collaborative problem solving
  • To present at Faculty Development Day for spring
  • To write a blog post for our center website
  • For scholarship (manuscripts, presentations, etc.)

Presentation from Fall 2019 Faculty Development Day

Interest Form