Faculty Development Day - Spring 2023

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

Igniting Curiosity

Cognitive science and instructor observations indicate that a strong sense of curiosity is the key to student engagement and developing a lifelong passion for learning. Curiosity is invaluable in igniting our enthusiasm for the work we do. It is the driving force behind all creativity - the desire to do something better, experiment, tinker, and create. How can educators encourage students to cultivate their curiosity to ultimately assume responsibility for their education? The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence is accepting proposals for Spring 2023 Faculty Development Day. Please complete the online form to submit a proposal.

Extended Proposal Deadline: December 5, 2022
Event Date: January 5, 2023 
ime: 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
FDD will be a virtual event

Themes Possible Topics
Teaching Research Courses and Mentoring Students’ Research Studies or Dissertations (Sponsored by the SLU Center for Research)
  • Effective Pedagogical Strategies
  • Tactics to Engage and Maintain Students’ Interest in Research
  • Tools of Research
Strategies to promote curiosity in learning
  • Tips for staying curious
  • Connect what students do not know with what they do know
  • Empower students to feel like their curiosity will pay off
  • Cultivating curiosity to solve real-world problems
Assessing student learning  
  • Assessments that require relevant, real-world application of content
  • Formative assessments that "form" students
  • Authentic assessments that require creative thinking and problem solving
  • Assessments that develop students' professional skills
  • Creating rubrics in D2L
Active learning strategies
  • During lecture strategies
  • Problem-solving or challenge-based strategies
  • Digital Tools to support active learning
  • Active reading strategies
  • Writing across the disciplines
Classroom Communities that Ignite Curiosity
  • Creating a sense of belonging on-ground, online, or in hybrid classes
  • Cultivating curiosity in safe learning spaces
  • Inclusive learning considerations
  • Strategies to foster positive, productive learning communities
Strategies and trends teaching via Zoom
  • Establishing instructor presence in Zoom
  • Creating community in Zoom
  • Strategies to engage students in Zoom
  • Zoom tools to enhance learning