Faculty Development Days - Spring 2021

Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence

Call For Proposals 

Beyond 2020: Level Up

This Spring 2021 Faculty Development Day, let's put 2020 behind us and look to a new year of opportunities (and perhaps a few challenges). Let's consider what worked in Fall 2020 and what didn't. How can we improve our practice in 2021? The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence welcomes proposals that look Beyond 2020 and encourage us to level up! For the first time, this year, we'll be offering themes or "tracks." Presenters will select one track for their submission. This will help participants know the area of focus for each presentation. Participants can select sessions from multiple tracks.


Possible Topics

Best Practices 

What are you doing to make learning happen? Share one or more teaching practices or strategies that you use to support academic success. Possible topics include:

  • Hybrid challenges and effective practices
  • Active Learning in the hybrid or online class
  • Creating classroom community
  • One or more of the 4 Teaching Presences (Instructor, Social, Cognitive, Emotional)
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • High Impact online teaching strategies
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Other

Tech Tools 

How can we integrate technology into the classroom more effectively? How can technology help you in your class? Effective technology integration must happen in ways that improve teaching and learning. Technology can not only improve teaching and learning but can improve our own lives. Possible topics are:

  • Best practices using technology in teaching and learning
  • Leveraging classroom technology
  • Productivity tools
  • Day to day technology uses
  • D2L
  • Zoom
  • Office 365
  • Polling and Formative Assessment tools
  • Presentation tool
  • Audio and Video creation tools

Digital Wellness 

Technology plays an increasingly vital role in our lives. Devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets have vastly improved the way we learn, solve problems, and work in our daily lives. Digital wellness is not about removing digital devices. It is about simply better managing how we interact with these devices and how we use them. Possible topics include:

  • Downsides of the digital age
  • Social impact
  • Implications and applications of digital wellness
  • Research in progress
  • Digital wellbeing in the age of social distancing

Diversity & Inclusion 

The events of 2020 have continued to bring awareness to systemic practices of inequality, discrimination, and oppression. As global spotlights have been put on racism, economic disparities, legal protections, and basic human rights, educators and institutions of higher education have responded. Presentations in this area may highlight:

  • Inclusive course designs and teaching strategies
  • Diverse content development
  • Student sense of belonging
  • Social action projects
  • Safe spaces
  • Critical issues in diversity, equity, and inclusion

Online Teaching 

Creating a quality online learning environment that engages students, encourages collaboration and communication, and includes a strong instructor presence is increasingly valuable in higher education. Pedagogical best practices, implementing new technologies, and maintaining instructor presence are all important elements of great online teaching. Topics may include:

  • Best practices in online teaching
  • Making a smooth transition to online teaching
  • Online teaching strategies
  • Meaningful discussions in online environments
  • Supporting students during online instruction
  • Instructor presence in the online environment