Faculty Development Day - Fall 2023

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Teach for the Future

Virtual - Fall 2023 Faculty Development Day - "Teaching for the Future." 

Instructors play an essential role in influencing student learning. Good instructors can also stimulate and guide students' development so that their achievements exceed expectations. They have the potential to level the playing field and provide opportunities for success to all their students. Instructors can inspire students to innovate, think and reflect critically, and work collaboratively with others. Sharing best practices with our colleagues also helps us all achieve excellence in teaching so our students can excel in learning. This Faculty Development Day is where like-minded, future-facing educators who are passionate can come together to share ways to ensure today's students are supported and prepared for everything the future has to offer. 

Event Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2023 
ime: 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

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Event Details

Opening - 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Zoom Recording

Session 1 - 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM

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Learning From The Learners Frank Orlando, Ben Forche, Valerie Kasper, Greg Kunzweiler Recording Gain valuable insights from the themes that emerged from our "Learning From The Learners" roundtable in the spring. This first-of-its-kind event brought together students from across University Campus to find out what they thought worked and what didn't in their on-ground and online classes at Saint Leo. Teaching Best Practices
Unlocking Student Potential: Enhancing Executive Functioning Through Universal Design Jasmine Cosme, Michael Bailey



Enhance learning for all students, including those with disabilities, through practical strategies for supporting executive functioning in this presentation by the Office of Accessibility Services. Teaching Best
Teaching for the Future: Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence to Meet the Needs of Post-Pandemic Students Dr. Renee Sedlack



How prepared are we to educate a growing number of college students who face complex challenges in academics, emotions, ability to comply, and interpersonal relationships with peers and instructors?  Rooted in recent literature, this presentation will offer insights and strategies to teach post-pandemic students effectively. Taking Care of Faculty
The Future is Now: The Online Student Experience Kate Colello, Jennifer Turkovich


Explore the online student experience at Saint Leo.  This presentation will share key findings from the Spring 2023 Online Student Experience Survey.   It will offer actionable steps for enhancing engagement and provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences to foster student engagement in the online environment. Online Teaching
What Great Online Learning Looks Like Monique Liles


Discover impactful online course design, including real-world practice activities, assessments, and task analysis.  Learn how to personalize an online course that you did not create or how to include engaging elements in an on-ground course shell. Online Teaching
Micro Interactions with Macro Influences: A Gateway to Connectivity Eileen O'Brien, Symone Potts, Dr. Ebony Perez, Dr. Khalilah Louis-Caines


Faculty have a responsibility to ensure everyone feels respected and included in their classrooms, yet sometimes students leave our classrooms emotionally injured and disconnected from our classroom community without us even realizing it. Discover concrete strategies to address micro-aggressions, repair community breaches, and foster inclusivity in classrooms. This faculty and student panel will include examples of incidents. Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging
Case-based learning in the online environment

Victoria Anyikwa,

Courtney Wiest



Case-based learning offers a deliberative active learning strategy to increase excitement among students, particularly in an asynchronous online environment where a community is not easily developed. Online Teaching


Session 2 - 10:00 AM - 10:50 AM

Presentation Title Presenter(s) Zoom Recordings Description Track
Capture Key Assignment Evidence to Enhance Teaching Tomorrow Ellen Boylan, PhD Recording Leverage a diverse range of Key Assignments across the curriculum to inform program decisions, improve student success, and enhance teaching by identifying and activating course-level Key Assignments for each program learning outcome.  Actionable data will allow for program improvement and enhanced teaching and learning. Assessing Student Learning
Building Community: Spiritual Reflections on Belonging in the Classroom Randall Woodard, Marlene Reid, Glen Hand Recording Building community in the classroom and connecting as human beings is an essential element of education, serves retention, and fosters our core values. This presentation will share spiritual motivation and practical suggestions for connecting students and cultivating a sense of belonging in our diverse community. Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging
D2L Badging: Add a Bit of Flair to Your Online Course Jennifer Turkovich, Monique Liles



Why use digital badging?  Discover the purpose of digital badging and how badges can be implemented in a meaningful way in your course.  This presentation will provide examples, show you how to create them in D2L and discuss the relationship with competency-based learning. Technology Tools that Support Teaching and Learning
Bridging Tradition and Innovation: Reflection Papers - The Key to Enhancing Active Learning After Using Artificial Intelligence Tonya Mazur, Kelly Atkins, Patrick Murphy Recording This presentation highlights the value of using traditional pedagogical methods to enhance the innovative use of AI in active learning. Reflection papers can support student learning with Artificial Intelligence by requiring students to consider what they have learned and how it relates to their personal perspectives, validating the information they have received via AI, thereby bolstering critical thinking, application of knowledge, evidence-based writing, and engagement with the material. Teaching Best Practices
Using AI and Immersive Learning Simulations in the Classroom Austin Trantham, Holly Atkins, Valerie Kasper, Marissa Rhodes Recording Explore the immersive Mursion simulation program as faculty panelists from a variety of disciplines share their experiences in designing exercises, collaborating with simulation specialists, engaging students, and conducting post-simulation debriefings. Technology Tools that Support Teaching and Learning
Supporting Students with D2L Data Kate Colello Recording Discover actionable insights on leveraging D2L data to enhance student success efficiently and effectively by understanding student engagement patterns and promptly identifying misconceptions for targeted interventions. Assessing Student Learning

Session 3 - 11:00 AM - 11:50 AM 

Presentation Title Presenter(s) Zoom Recordings Description Track
College mental health and the Saint Leo University Counseling Center Lawson Jolly, Emma Manley, Karah Beaver, Machele Nutt Recording Presenters will provide a review of current mental health trends among college-age students as well as a review of the utilization of services available on campus. Taking Care of Students
Green Zone Training for Faculty and Staff Dr. Anthony DeSantis



One-third of Saint Leo University's student body identifies as active duty, veteran, reservist, National Guard member, or dependents. These students are in every program and bring significant life experiences and diversity to our community. Through Green Zone Training, gain a comprehensive understanding of student veterans and military-affiliated students at Saint Leo. Classroom Community and Sense of Belonging
Creating Creative Assessments Kathryn Duncan, Marissa Rhodes, Daniel Dubois Recording Many students come from backgrounds that encourage rote learning in order to master assessments such as state exams.  Fostering critical thinking in higher ed has long been a challenge, now exacerbated by developments in AI. From a UE, English, history, and international studies perspective, we will discuss the pedagogy behind creative alternative assignments and share the creative assessments we have used in our own classes. Assessing Student Learning
Using Third-Party Videos Effectively Monique Liles Recording This presentation will demonstrate how to use third-party videos as concept application practice and for critical thinking. Teaching Best Practices
Hack the Discussion Forum: Innovative Approaches to Engaging Discussion Boards Georgina Rivera-Singletary Recording Are routine discussion boards the "worst" part of online courses?  How can we address the challenges of repetitive discussions and combat resistance and lack of interest from students?  This presentation will showcase diverse approaches and engaging examples to enhance online discussion forums. Online Teaching
Can ChatGPT be effectively utilized in higher education? What do educators need to know and how to help our students use AI & ensure ethical use? C'Lamt Ho Recording Uncover the potential of using ChatGPT in higher education. This presentation will address benefits, challenges, and the importance of an understanding of various ethical, pedagogical, technical, and training considerations.

Technology Tools that Support Teaching and Learning