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Student Emotional Wellness

Posted by CTLE Team on Oct 22, 2020

•  Why is student health and wellness of concern during the pandemic (or any other time, for that matter)?
•  What are the signs/characteristics of a student struggling with emotional wellness issues?
•  What can you do to support students who may face wellness issues?

As COVID-19 continues to affect our everyday lives, students with anxiety, trauma, or difficult home situations need support now more than ever. Learning to manage emotional reactions to stress is critical in attaining emotional balance and well-being. Every individual can find unique and healthy ways of coping with stressors.   

To learn more, check out these helpful videos and resources:

  College Students and Mental Health: Confronting Emerging Crisis (59:48)
  Mental Health and Wellness for Students of Color: Transitioning to College (1:01:34)
  Mental Health Issues When College Students Are Sent Home by COVID-19 (23:24)
  JED Foundation’s COVID Mental Health Resource Guide
  Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence, Academic Advising
  Saint Leo Counseling & Prevention Services

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