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Safely Optimizing Student Experiences

Posted by Emily Kochanski and Samantha Parisi on Aug 5, 2020

Trying to figure out how to send your students out into the field safely this semester? The answer is just within your reach. Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo can provide real-world encounters for your students, a method for them to practice and prove their acquired skills in realistic scenarios before entering the workforce.  

Internships are a vital part of any course of study, and the current pandemic has caused instructors to forgo or drastically alter traditional field placements. If working from inside the classroom is no longer an option for your students, consider going virtual instead! As the name suggests, Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo can simulate a number of real-world environments, including classrooms, medical settings, offices, and more. A simulation also offers more customization and diversity options to engage both emotional and cognitive faculties, ultimately leading to a more transformative experience.

To learn more about this exciting alternative, be sure to attend our, “Practice, Proficiency, Perfection: Training and Testing with Simulated Experiences at Saint Leo” session. This educational presentation will take place via Zoom on August 12th at 3:00 p.m. Access our calendar of events and sign up. You can also check out our Simulation website to view more information on how you can use the Simulated Experiences in your course.

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