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Moving your Course(s) from On-ground to Online

Posted by CTLE Team on Mar 12, 2020

As you transition your on-ground classes to an online format, CTLE's got you covered with support.

Support will be ongoing and offered in many ways:

> We will be providing a series of help sessions and support. Join us for one or more online drop-in support sessions for creating and managing an online environment.  Meet with a CTLE team member who will be there to answer your questions and assist you. View the schedule of sessions, and get the Zoom links from our CTLE events page (Please note, we have made an update to our Drop-In sessions).

> We have also designed a quick refresher module called “Moving from On-Ground to Online.”  You can access this new module from the original D2L training course, called Teaching in Courses, along with all the original D2L training modules (Essentials, Savvy, Sage).

> For D2L support (24/7), call the D2L Helpline: 866-928-2439 or visit the D2L community support page.

> Check out our Emergency Preparation page where you can find information about resource for moving your course online.

> As a reminder, please complete the Emergency Preparedness Online Course Creation form as soon as possible.

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