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Got What it Takes to Place on the Leaderboard?

Posted by CTLE Team on Oct 27, 2022

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence hears from faculty leaderboard winners. 

CTLE's Faculty Development Day is just one event that provides opportunities for faculty to connect with each other in various areas focusing on professional growth. With various topics and sessions offered throughout the year, faculty can engage in a friendly competition by placing on CTLE's Leaderboard. Check out the comments from this year’s leaderboard winners.


As faculty attend multiple sessions, Faculty Development Day provides moments where faculty can connect with each other. First-place winner Dr. Georgina Rivera-Singletary explained her favorite element of Faculty Development Day was "the networking part of it, being able to not only present to our peers but then learn from them at the same time. That's the beautiful thing about Faculty Development Day. It's in-house. It's us teaching each other and learning with each other. The highlight always is the opportunity to engage with our peers and then talk to each other. Being able to really picture what people are doing because it's our campus. It's our university. It's our classrooms."

Second-place winner Dr. Lisa Deglado-Brown explained, "I participated in a Faculty Development Day presentation that led to a bigger collaboration with colleagues. And so, it ended up leading toward a manuscript and a special edition of one of our Saint Leo journals on active learning. All of us who participated in that panel were then invited to submit manuscripts. It was a springboard towards all these other great opportunities."    


Dr. Christine Picot, our third-place winner, exclaimed being on our leaderboard made her feel "like a sweepstakes winner. When that email came, it was such a stressful day; I can't even tell you. There were just so many wires and darts just coming out from everywhere. And then I got the email from Kari, and I was so excited it just completely changed the whole day. I mean, the day completely shifted. I showed my winnings to the committee members, and they all checked their leaderboard stats, which was funny!" 

Join the fun, engage in meaningful professional development and track your place on the CTLE leaderboard! This year's winners received one of the following: an Echo Show 5, an Echo Dot, or a 7 TB portable external hard drive.  

Be sure to keep checking the CTLE website for more news and opportunities! 

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