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Embedded Librarians

Would you like your students to have additional access and support from the library?

•  Embedding a faculty librarian in your online course benefits the student, the professor, and the librarians.

•  By being more fully connected into the class, faculty librarians have a chance to work with students from within their course shell in D2L  and gain a better understanding of the information needs and materials for assignments.

•  It benefits students because they do not have to leave the course in order to access library resources or request help from the librarian.

•  It benefits the professor because they can request additional teaching resources such as LibGuides and articles or eBooks as well as the ability to request instruction on using the library.

•  Faculty librarians can access the syllabus, view the materials and directions in modules, and know assignment deadlines in advance.

º  With this knowledge, librarians can anticipate student needs for research and/or citation assistance.
º  This in turn helps faculty librarians decide how to best help students by utilizing a variety of communication and instructional tools.

•  We can create course specific videos and LibGuides or utilize materials which have already been created and then share them with students directly by email or post them in the course discussion board. We can provide the information and instruction students need in a timely and meaningful way.

•  Students can easily make an appointment with their librarian using the link provided in emails and posts. The best part is that students get to make a real connection that will benefit them the rest of their time at Saint Leo; they get to know us and will continue to contact us and the library for help as they continue to take more courses.

•  When students reach out for help through emails, calls, or appointments, we always encourage them to complete their assignments, finish their course, and get help from other resources such as the CAVE or our Writing Instructors if needed. We love connecting with students and showing them that someone at Saint Leo University cares about them.

If you would like to have a librarian embedded in your online course, please contact University Librarian, Dr. Doris VanKampen-Breit.

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